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The tech industry has not stopped growing since it was first discovered. The people involved in tech work have the skills to convert your dreams into reality. This is a blessing for those who utilize technology, but a competition call for those who aspire to be the stars of the Tech industry.

Some say, going to the right school and getting the right degree is important. Others may agree on the idea of passion. But what is that effort which can help you become the best among people with similar skill sets?  Have you thought about it?

Do you have an answer? If yes then match yours with ours and check out if we think the same:

1. Have a Mentor:

“True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” This is one powerful statement that fits with the personality of a Mentor. A mentor is someone who can help you in obstacles and guide you throughout the journey.

Mentor plays an important role at every stage of your career. As your career hikes, your responsibilities also increase. And when the expectations are high, the mentor gives honest feedback and points out the required improvements.

People in the office are not open, but by communicating, you can easily set up a professional network.

Your mentor can be a group of four or five people or a single person.

2. Pay attention to your technical skills:

If you want to make space for yourself in the Tech industry, then it is important to learn relevant and extra skills. You can increase your knowledge by attending conferences and going to classes to learn a new language. See if there are any free online tech classes and enroll yourself in one.

You can change the current working pattern and start to focus on weaker sections.

Expanding your skill set is never a loss. Try to practice it once a year.

3. Communication is the key:

Communication is important in day to day life. But if you are shy at the workplace, then you can end up creating problems. Understand that communicating is necessary for both; the team and you. If you do not communicate with your team, then you will not be able to know what is expected from you and vice versa.

Collaboration and communication, when combined, can do wonders. Once you have started communicating, you will understand why it is important to talk out your queries and issues.

Also, communication strengthens your relationship with fellow mates. Therefore, ignoring the need to communicate can be dangerous.

4. Practice and practice more:

“Practice makes a man perfect.” – Bruce Lee

Tech interviews are full of questions from depth. And in such a scenario getting a job can be pretty difficult. Even the experts fail under the interview pressure. Hence, it is suggested to practice for an interview.

You can seek the help of colleagues and ask them for advice. Browse through the internet and know what the current interview trend is or which questions have a high possibility to be asked etc.

It is also important to have soft skills and not only technical aptitude. If you lack team coordination, communication, or any other attribute of soft skill, then you might not get selected for the job.

If you strive to be better than yesterday, then you will get there.

5. Understand your needs:

If you are not aware of your needs and requirements and yourself, neither a mentor can guide you, nor will a skill set speak for you. Question your needs and see what is not important for you. This alone can save you so much energy and time that you can utilize it in doing things you enjoy.

Working for the sake of money is not a brilliant idea, and you will sooner or later realize it. See if you deserve more than your current job and if yes, then plan your way to achieve it.

Hope we think the same, and you are already on your way to becoming the star of the tech world.


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