How to beat time and delete the message for everyone on whatsapp worknrby

All of us have been through the time when we wanted to delete that one or many sent risky texts or media files. But Whatsapp’s 7-minute protocol did not let you delete for everyone.

And many of us do not know that it is possible to delete for everyone even after skipping the time limit. Well, Whatsapp is after all just an application and it can be fooled.

How to do it? Well, here is the whole process how you can fool the Whatsapp and save yourself from the embarrassment by deleting the texts or media files.

Follow the procedure:-

1. Put your cell phone on flight mode:

Do not switch off the data or take out the sim card. Just put your cell on flight mode.

2. Change the time and date:

If your cell phone’s time and date are set automatically then change the settings to manual set up of time and date. Change the time according to the time of sent text or file.

REMEMBER: You can not exceed a certain time or day limit and it varies in every cell phone.

3. Go to Whatsapp:

Open Whatsapp > Open inbox of the person, from where you want to delete the text or file > tap the text or file for a second > click on “Delete for everyone”

REMEMBER: While performing this process, you must keep the phone on flight mode and if by mistake you have switched on the data, then do not panic and repeat the process.

NOTE: The deleted sent media files will disappear from the persons’ gallery or the folder where Whatsapp documents are saved in their cell and if the person did not download them, then they will not able to access them.

This will work for sure.


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