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You probably have heard if this a million times, first impressions last long. Your resume is the first thing that any prospective employer will come across. What impression do you want to make on the employer? Do you want to feel long and unnecessary or do you want to feel precise and structured? No company has the time to interview every candidate whose resume walks in. Instead, they use this resume to get clues on the candidate’s qualifications, interests, strengths and weaknesses and abilities to work under circumstances. You only have a chance to get through the heavy pile to the shortlisted few if your resume talks nice of you.

Let the resume tell your story. Make it short. Make it impressive. Make it worth somebody’s time. And once you have added all the perfect ingredients in bullet points and charts, your resume should scream this loud, ’I am the one you have been looking for’. Learn pro tips on how to create a resume that lands you interviews. Make an impression even before you’ve met someone with this resume. Here’s everything you need to start cooking your perfect resume.



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