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You’d have heard about office politics? Well, the people who are active in their job lives are very well familiar with this term. Today in this blog, we’ll discuss the effects of office politics and how you can effectively deal with the same.

So, basically the term ‘office politics’ refers to the use of the power and position in any way to suppress other person’s legitimate authority in a direct or indirect way.

However, office politics can be seen in many other ways as well, like grouping and alienating one employee, back-bitching, planning and plotting to ruin someone’s image, not telling someone the very important information, manipulating and spicing up the things to create misunderstanding among colleagues, etc. People get involved in such activities for reaping emotional, financial and sometimes, physical benefits. 

Forms of office politics

There are certain forms of office politics that can take place in an organization. Let’s see some of the most common forms:

  • Office Gossipping 
  • Issue of manipulation
  • Coworker Backstabbing
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Spreading rumors
  • Taking someone’s work credit
  • Playing dirty games
  • Creating a hostile work environment for a co-worker
  • Partiality in rewarding the incentives and appraisals
  • Practice of nepotism

Ways to deal with office politics 

When a person works in an organization, 100% avoidance of office politics isn’t possible. However, what you can do is, deal with the situations more cautiously. Avoiding the involvement in such activities would be best in my opinion, but you can’t avoid it completely. Let’s see some of the ways of dealing with office politics:

1. Keep your values always on the top-chart list 

Never follow what others are doing. Inspire yourself with good values and don’t get involved in undesired activities like bullying, back-bitching, and grouping. Just think, if you’re also oiling up these things, what is the difference between you and the person doing such things. So, use your own conscience and always favor the right.

2. Address the behaviors and not the individuals

Don’t trust the stories about any individual. Never judge a person on what you’ve heard about him from the third person. Address the people by their behavior and also judge them on the basis of the way they treat you and not what Ms.XYZ told you. Favor the behavior and not the individuals.

3. Develop the habit of forgiving 

Be good to all in the organization. Sometimes, if any chaos happens, in such a situation, behave mature and forgive. Don’t keep any kind of biasness in your mind, after all, you’re not going to spend your entire life there. Just be easy and forgive everyone. If something very critical has happened, and can’t be neglected, distance yourself and do your work. 

4. Don’t take interest in anyone’s story

Sometimes, Ms or Mr.X  comes to you and tells you so and so story about someone, then try not to take interest in such stories because you never know what trouble can come to you the next day. So, avoid listening to such stories and if anyone does that, then ignore, the person will understand that you’re not interested and will fly away.

5. Focus on your work rather than people

You’re paid for your work. It implies that you should keep your focus on your work and avoid the over-friendliness with the people. Always keep this in mind that involving more and more in people can create serious chaos for you. Thus, it’s better to just do your work, go home and get paid.

6. Don’t participate in bullying activity

Always play wisely. If someone is emotionally or mentally bullied by a group of people in the organization, then don’t participate in such activity as it will make no difference in you and the people doing such activities. Instead, help the person, pamper him and be friendly with him. When someone is bullied in front of you, advise him to either confront the situation and seek help from HR management.

Always remember, your good will be with you only, so always act accordingly. At last, I would mention one more thing that sometimes, you are not involved in office politics, but you see someone is bullied, then don’t participate in such dirty activities. Instead, give a friendly gesture to that person, make him feel good when everyone is biased with that person. Hope this article met your reading desires. Feel free to share your feedback.


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