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It’s been long since you’re looking for a job. And now you have not one but two job offers.

Feels great, right?

Not exactly. Now is the time when you need to decide which one to accept and which one to say no to.

Not sure which one is better for you? No problems. Read “When should you decline a Job Offer”.

Make your decision wisely and when you have closed your decision, it’s time to say ‘no’ to the other job.

Here is how to craft a “I am glad but thanks” letter.

Say thanks first

The first thing you need to say is that you are glad that they chose you and decided to give you some of their valuable time. O know it’s a part of their job, but this interviewer had spent hours going through your resume and crawling your social media presence.

A heartfelt thank u will keep the bridges from burning down.

“I am really thankful that you considered me for the position of “Content Writer”. I enjoyed learning about my position and role in the company. Thank you for giving me this generous offer. “

Specify the reason

The most appropriate thing to do would be telling the interviewer, “Why you are not accepting this offer”. It’s best to not keep him in the dark and detail him on the reasons as to why you made the decision. Remember not to elaborate and get into details like the boss wasn’t right or the other job you accepted is great or you were sad about your decision.

Be specific and clear in your statements

“While the offer you gave felt like a wonderful opportunity, I have decided to accept another role that aligns with my long-term goals and job prospects.”

Hope we cross paths again

It’s a small world and we are never really sure of what lies ahead. It’s only apt to end things peacefully.

Your last line should state this very clearly.

Thanks for your time. I wish you well. I hope we can be of help to each other in the future.

It never feels good to turn down a job offer that you worked so hard for. But it is always an important part of your long-term goals.


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