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Instagram is a popular hub for sharing life moments. This is preferred more over any other social media platform because it is easy and is supported by each form of a smartphone. Being friendly with all kind of smart cells has made it easy for Instagram to increase the reach and tighten the attention of the public. This is the fastest way of sharing snaps and thoughts.

Before Facebook officially took over Instagram, it was run privately on different norms and rules as of Facebook. This is the sole reason why Instagram has a different approach to social media interaction.

Though the platform is unique in its way, yet there is a drawback in this platform. Which is that downloading content from Instagram is not as easy as it is from downloading it or copying it from any other social media. This is why many among us keep filling up our picture gallery with different screen captures from Instagram.

You don’t have to do it anymore, instead follow the steps mentioned and quickly download your favorite Instagram video:

1. Log In to your Instagram account

2. Search the video you want to download > Click on the three dots present on the right side of the video > Click on copy link

3. Open Google or any other search engine > Type on the search bar

4. Once redirected to the page, paste the copied link on the search box present inside the page > Click on the download button > Once the video is downloaded on the page, Click on Download button present under the video > Done

That’s all. You have successfully downloaded your favorite video from Instagram without using any other app. This is method is safe.


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