How to edit update my CV and Profile on Worknrby

Worknrby is a job portal which works with a unique motive of offering the jobs nearby. At present, it is available for people residing in Jaipur. Our motive is to start the revolution from a place which has not received exposure as much as places like Delhi and Mumbai have.

Currently, it is connecting people living in different parts of Jaipur with job requirements near them (or far from them).

Worknrby can be accessed via web and mobile application. This is also available on the browser. Though the app and browser are easy to use and get along yet there is an issue which is worth knowing. That is, “How to edit or Update CV on Worknrby?” When you have received a promotion or a raise in pay and responsibility and you want to update that or maybe you have migrated to another area of the city and you want to add that then editing the profile and CV comes in play. To understand the process of editing, go through the flow described below:

1. To Edit Profile:


Log In > Click on the arrow attached with your name on the top right of the page > Click on Edit profile present above the toggle and is adjacent to Edit CV.

2. To Edit CV:


Log In > Click on the arrow near your name > Click on Edit CV: Now, you can edit everything you had added to the CV.

Remember, profile and CV are different and will be edited separately. Adding or updating in the profile must be logically and so should be an adding or updating of information in the CV section.

That’s it. To catch up more on Worknrby and know how to get a job through this platform, follow our updates on Instagram or Facebook handle @worknrby and don’t forget to visit the Worknrby blog.

Also, if you are facing any problem then directly message us on Facebook handle or drop your queries on


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