There is a natural condition in the market that might lead to unemployment. The condition is due to the presence of more worthy candidates and fewer jobs. Quite a number of deserving candidates lose their chance of getting employed and this goes on for a long time.

After thorough research work, it was found that one can get over with such sort of situation by simply being active and quick. That’s right. All one got to do to earn a job is to stay active and be quick with your movements because in today’s world there is no place for lazy or idle people.

Keeping the “Active and Quick” factor in mind, we bring you Worknrby. It is a platform which is easy to access and utilize. Worknrby works on a unique approach. It aims to connect the job seeker and recruiter from one’s vicinity. This works in favor of recruiter and employee.

The process is quick and unbelievable for all those who have never come across this job portal. In case you are new and have not used Worknrby till yet, then here is a guide on how to find jobs on Worknrby: Register or log in: if you have not made your account on Worknrby then you will have to sign up through the process of registering but if you’re already active then out for log in.

The process for registering yourself as a job seeker:

Splash page or screen > Register > Create CV (put in the right information and filling all the columns is mandatory) > Create Profile

create cv- Worknrby

That’s all you are all set to browse jobs.

Now, log in > Recommended or home page > go through the jobs

If you come across a job which interests you then, click on view more > click on get One Time Password > Enter One Time Password > Go through the details > Apply or go back to the home page

While going through the job finding process, keep the following factors in mind :

1. Mention your expertise:

Give a clear view of your skills, as this will help the recruiter in understanding whether you are an employee who fits their criteria or not.

Never add a skill or experience without having it done under expertise. Instead of writing the extra skills in the resume, you should always opt for verbally telling them in the personal interview.

2. Know the place where you want a job:

Currently, Worknrby offers job across Jaipur. One can look for jobs in any corner of Jaipur.

It is recommended to go for a place near your residence as it will be easier to reach the office and you will save a lot on transport expenses.

Or if not near residence then go for a place which is an IT hub of the city.

3. Do not fake the experience:

There is no way this is acceptable. It is better to stick to what is true.

Even if you decide to go against and lie about yourself then you should know that it will not take recruiter more than 5 minutes to know about your lies.

4. Stick to your expertise:

There might be a chance that one has learned more than two skills. But it is better to stick to the skill you have been practicing from long or since you started your career.

Mention the other skills as the extra set of skills. And avoid mentioning more than one or two skills under the expertise section.

5. Right amount:

Some people put up the wrong amount and blame the platform for not delivering the results. It does not matter if you put a high or low amount in the salary section; if the amount does not coordinate with your experience then you might be ignored by the companies.

Hence, always mention the right amount of expected salary. It should be neither more nor less. In case you cannot decide what is the right amount then you can always go for “to“. For example, 20,000INR to 25,000INR



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