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“Positive work environment outperforms a negative work environment.”

The work environment plays a major role in the growth and development of a brand or company. Work environment does not mean a classic office interior but never-ending effort, trust, and belief in each other.

The successful work environment is those who work as a team, not an individual. But unfortunately, in a world where people are attracted to a vast variety of luxury, they often become selfish and think about them self instead of-of the whole company.

To help you come out of such a situation here is your 11 step guide on how to improvise the present work environment:

  1. Avoid office politics:

This may create differences among the employees which make it hard for them to survive in a group. Therefore it is best advised to stay in touch with everyone but never share your emotions like hatred for someone with someone from the office.

  1. Prevent establishing relationship:

You are an employee. Your job is to do certain work and perform some compulsory tasks; hence it will be best to act accordingly. But many of us find ourselves stuck in love with our colleagues or bosses, which we know doesn’t end up well. Hence it is always better to stay within your boundaries.

  1. Say no to bullies:

Sometimes the senior authorities exploit the junior employees for their good. This should not be part of the work environment. Every person is authorized to do different work and it is mandatory to get it done by themselves.  If someone is found using or bulling the junior then the highest authority should be made aware.

  1. Appreciation all the way:

How long do you think one can go without being appreciated? Not even a meter.

It is important to show gratitude towards the employees. This need not be done in an expensive way, a simple “thank you” can light up the employees’  day and fill them with the courage to serve harder this time.

  1. Bonus:

On special occasions like Diwali, Christmas or New Year, one can provide a bonus to the employees as a gesture of gratitude.

This helps in boosting up their moral and helps them to perform better with time.

  1. An odorless office:

Nobody wants to work in a place which stinks like a dumping zone or even worse.

An environment with the foul smell is likely to put employees in a bad mood which leads to less productivity.

  1. Employee quality candidates:

Just like fraud companies, there are fraud candidates. To avoid being played, make a background check on the people who are lined up for the interview.

There are candidates who ask for money less than you are willing to offer, chances are such people are fraud or they will leave you hanging once they have received 2 or 3 months of salary.

  1. Freedom:

Working under authority does not mean one is a slave. Freedom to move, eat and take breaks must be under the employee’s need. No authority should make the employees uncomfortable with their tight sitting schedule. This provokes the hatred towards the company and work, later leading to resignation.

  1. Equal rights:

Employees should be treated equally. Everyone should be in equal authority towards the company.

Each employee is important in their own job which also makes them unique. Hence no one should have extra rights because they are superior or one should lack rights because they perform an inferior job.

  1. Celebrate success:

Throw a success party because everyone has been working hard to help you achieve your goals as a CEO.

Give an individual call to everyone who was the part of the team.  Such gestures excrete will-power to achieve the tasks.

  1. Conduct monthly meetings:

A CEO can not sit down with each employee and listen to their problems and worries. Conducting a monthly meeting to know about the employee’s concerns helps the employees in opening up. Many times they are found being completely honest regarding whatever they want.

This is a nice and easy way to strengthen the relationship between everyone.


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