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For a business organization, hiring new human resources is a very crucial part and therefore, it is very important to perform this function well. We very well know that for any business to become successful, a dedicated team is required. Therefore, an efficient and effective workforce is the cornerstone need for any concern. In other words, employees are regarded as the backbone of the business.

Let’s understand it with the help of an example; there are two organizations namely A and B. Both the organization has the same product line, same technology, same amount of capital investment, even the same number of employees. The interesting fact is that the turnover of firm A is more than firm B. Why so? In spite of everything being the same, why is the one firm getting more success? Well, the reason is pretty clear. The quality of the workforce working in both organizations differs. The working capability and the work quality is better in firm A; that’s why in spite of having every component in the same proportion, firm B couldn’t withstand firm A. 

Nowadays, in most organizations, a separate department is located for carrying out all the hiring and recruiting activities. So, it’s the concern of the HR department to hire the candidate as per the needs of the respective need of the department.

Well, a good work team brings a number of good things to the business like:

  • Enhances company goodwill with creative ideas and good products
  • Efficient employees possess more analytical abilities
  • More adjusting to the diverse operations
  • Overall production cost goes down
  • The firm’s productivity increases
  • Better customer retention
  • Showcases a smart branding strategy boosting sales

Factors to be considered while conducting the hiring process

A successful business is the one where the workforce considers themselves as a team and not an individual. It implies that the hiring department or the recruiter should make the hiring decision wisely as recruiting, after all, marks the foundation of an efficient working team. Adding on, let us understand the major factors that the recruiter should take into consideration while conducting the hiring process:

Observe the candidate beyond what the CV says

The first important thing that the hiring manager must keep in mind is that the observation is more important than the CV of the candidate. Never blindly trust the things mentioned in the resume; instead, observe the candidate on your own.

Ask them about their past working experience

Well, asking the candidate about his future prospects is not the major concern; the important part is to ask him about his past experiences in their respective work fields. The candidate’s response will say much about his perspective and the working experience as well.

Conduct several interviews to test his mental strength

Mere asking questions isn’t enough; also the recruiter should conduct several tests to judge his mental strength and the way he deals with the business situations. For example, conducting a situational analysis can help to judge his problem-solving capacity.

Keep eyes on the hiring budget

While the hiring process is going on, never take off your eyes from the budget as hiring is important but doing it in the budget is more important. Therefore, the hiring manager should keep keen eyes on the budget as well.

Judge the candidate on the basis of what you see and not what you feel

The other important thing to keep in mind is that the hiring manager should judge the candidate on the basis of what he observes and not what he feels. It implies that the candidate’s capability should be judged seeing how well he performed in his interview and other tests.

Suitability to the job profile

Last but not least, the recruiter must analyze the candidate’s performance in the interview whether he’s suitable for the job profile or not. It implies that only going good in the interview isn’t fine; as one can be a good candidate but not for the profile he’s appearing to. Therefore, the recruiter should see if the candidate deserves that job profile and see if he fits to the job role or not.

This is how the recruiter can conduct the hiring process efficiently and effectively bringing the best candidate for the organization. Hope this article met your reading desires. Feel free to share your feedback.


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