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When we look around and see the employment structure and hiring trends prevailing, it seems quite challenging to find a good candidate for a business organization. Sometimes, the skills don’t match the recruiter’s skill requirement, and sometimes the candidates don’t find the job offer interesting. Here is the solution to the entire problem.

Worknrby is a hyper-local online job search platform working with the vision of connecting job seekers and recruiters at the right time that too in a nearby location.

With Worknrby, the recruiter can post the job as per the key skills and requirements the concern is looking in a candidate. Adding on, the candidate with the same key traits can apply for the job post. This sounds very easy and convenient process on recruiters’ as well as the candidates’ part.  

Steps to post a Job on Worknrby

Worknrby ensures the availability of the best talents for your business organization in your nearby location only. Staffing is a business function and it’s considered one of the most crucial functions of all. You just need to follow below-given steps and you’re all set to begin your talent hunt nearby. 

Job Post through Worknrby App

  • Open Playstore/Appstore, search Worknrby, then download Worknrby App.
  • Next, head towards the registration process. Here you’ll find two options ‘Create CV’ and ‘Post a Job’. Being an employer, choose ‘Post Job’.
  • Now, create your profile filling all the details like company information, company logo, company website, email ID, mobile number and then click on ‘Continue’.

You’re almost ready to post your first job. Next, you need to add details in the fields provided in the next page:

  • Job Title
  • Required Experience 
  • Salary
  • offer (Monthly)
  • Job Type
  • Workplace
  • Location
  • Language
  • Preferences
  • Category & Skills (As per the job title you mentioned)
  • Job Summary (Summarize your job post in words making job post catchy)
  • Then click on ‘Submit’.

Here your job post gets ready. You can anytime activate or deactivate your job post as per your needs.

  • You can anytime edit your post, find candidates and share your job post as well.
  • Next, verify your mobile number via OTP and once your mobile number gets verified, your job post becomes active.
  • You can also know the procedure of posting a job on the Worknrby app via a step-by-step video tutorial.   

Job Post through Worknrby Website

  • Visit
  • Next, head towards the Employer’s Zone located at the left bottom of the page.
  • Tap on ‘Register’ or ‘Sign up’ for initializing your registration process.
  • Then go for ‘Post Job’ and fill in all the details like company logo, company name, website, industry, email ID, mobile number and then click ‘Post Job For Free’.

Then you’ll be directed towards the next page. Fill in all the fields provided:

  •     Job Title
  •     Required Experience
  •     Gender Preference
  •     Job type (Full-time/Part-time)
  •     Language Preference
  •     Category & Skills (As per the job title you mentioned)
  •     Job Summary (Add job summary for making job post catchy)
  •      Location (Mention city & nearest locality)

Now, here your job post is ready. You can view recommended candidates, shortlisted and interested applicants.

  • You can apply filters as well for the desired preferences like Gender, Job Type, Salary Offer, Experience, etc.
  • You can also view the profile of the candidates and share it as well.

Why Worknrby?

Worknrby is an emerging job portal catering to the needs of job seekers as well as the recruiters out there. We cater to the job demands of people from almost all the industries and bring the best talent in the industry for the recruiter. Also, we have built a tracking panel where you can keep the record of your job post progress.

If you are not able to travel far for work or you have to stay at home while working, Worknrby has got the ultimate key to all such issues. Now you can say goodbye to your long-distanced workplace and explore unlimited job opportunities near your residence. Once you get registered, you’ll receive free job alerts as well for keeping you updated with the latest jobs available in the market nearby. Our main objective is to connect the right opportunities with the right people nearby. 

Worknrby is one of the most emerging online job search platform for freshers, freelancers, retired people, students looking for part-time jobs, housewives, drop-outs. We help the job seekers find the best of their career opportunities nearby by connecting them to the recruiters who are in search of the matching talents.

Although, there are unlimited jobs and unlimited talents and getting both meet, is a challenging task. Worknrby has opened channels for both, and recently the portal has proved to be the most friendly and effective job search platform in Jaipur. 

After completing a degree course, every person wants a job that not only matches their working desires but also accompanies their financial desires. Here your job search ends as you can find the desired job profile nearby you with no cost and resume at all. Amazing to listen, more amazing to feel. Since the day of establishment, the portal is working for youth, retired and all those who are looking for jobs or finding matching candidates for hiring in the concerns.

Reviews and ratings witness the outstanding performance done by the platform till now. No charges are asked for the services the portal provides. Even you don’t need to upload your resume. The platform serves the people in building their careers and getting the best talents for the businesses nearby. I hope the article met your reading desires. Feel free to share your feedback.


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