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Worknrby is a platform which connects your need with someone’s service or in simpler and brief words; an employer and a job seeker. The main motto behind the existence of Worknrby is helping the person find a job in his vicinity. This particular objective works as an advantage for both; the employee and the employer.

The application of Worknrby is available on the Google play store and IOS App store and can be utilized in two perspectives. The two perspectives are:

1. As employee

2. As Job provider

Thus, the service can be used by both parties.

a. As an employee; you can register yourself by filling the details form that is asked in the process of building the profile. The step is called “create cv,” and form filling is mandatory.

b. The form will consist of the following questions and blanks.

1. Name :

First and last name should be filled separately.

2. Date of birth :

The pattern of D.O.B will be given in the option. Make sure to follow it.

3. Gender :

Fill in the correct gender.

4. City :

There will not many options because Worknrby is restricted to the Jaipur area. And if you are from somewhere else and want to look for jobs in the Jaipur, then you can fill the city column by writing Jaipur in it.

And all the result related to the Jaipur area will be displayed.

5. Nearest Locality :

Type in the vicinity name and if it is not available, then go for a place that you think is not far.

If you are new in the city and does not know much about the places, then go for a place that is nearer to your residence or the area which you have shortlisted for living purpose. Some important factors for deciding the place should be area rent, the sanity of people living in the area, area’s connectivity to hospital, supermarkets, etc.;

6. Email Address :

This mail will be later used in recovering password and sending notifications if necessary. Hence it is asked to fill the correct mail address.

7. Mobile Number :

This is another mode of sharing the notifications. Kindly fill in the correct information.

8. Password :

Set a secure password; one that is difficult to guess. This step will be followed by Confirm password.

Till this step, you have successfully filled all the personal details. Now, move forward by agreeing upon the terms and conditions.

Step 1: The next step will consist of education, the field of concern, experience, skills & category, and language proficiency. Category and skill option will come with a perk. Here, the employee can rate his skill sets. This will give a brief info on his command in a particular category or skill. This will also be a useful point in respect of the employer as without conversing, he can judge if the person fits in the vacant position or not.

Step 2: Once you have filled all the details, you will be redirected to the job page, where you will see the vacant posts and jobs in the area decided by you.

Step 3: Job seeker can add jobs to wishlist. This will help him to locate the jobs quickly. Or in case he wants to keep an eye on all the applied jobs, then he may check the applied option.

Now talking about the employer or the manager or the CEO or the recruiter; post a job option is available for their ease.

a. As Job provider, this option will work from the beginning, which is the registration process. But in case you have already registered yourself here then you can simply go on to the log in option.

b. The registration process is done via the following steps:

1. Company name :

Fill in your company’s name. The name should be the one that is registered and has government approvement on it.  This can be made better by adding up the company’s website, which is not a mandatory step but has proven to be useful.

2. Team size, Type of Industry :

Brief information regarding your company will be asked in two steps:

a. Team size:

The number of employees working under your company whether has an office job or home job, all should be included.

b. Type of industry:

Mention the kind of work you deal in. If your company delivers IT solutions, then state it.

3. Contact person name :

Clarify the name of the person who can be contacted.

4. Contact details :

a. State the mail address of the person who is in charge of the proceedings in the recruitment process.

b. Mention the mobile number of the same person.

5. Set password :

Make sure the password is strong and difficult to guess. Otherwise, someone can use it for their benefit and ruin your image in the market.

Agree to the terms and conditions and move on to the posting the job.

Next form will include the crucial steps of recruitment. The steps can be best understood as the job proposal.  This is creating of job and will include the following steps:

1. Job offer :

This step includes all the information in regard to the kind of job offered by the company. Following are the pieces of information provided by the company:

a. Job title :

The name of the job should be written here.

b. Required experience :

If the company needs a fresher, then they can mention it here.

c. Salary offer :

Write the amount of money offered by the company in exchange for services.

d. Gender preference :

In case a company wants to recruit only male candidates, then they can mention it here. This will filter the results and shorten the options.

2. Location :

The purpose of this can be best understood by the following options that are included under it:

a. City :

Write the name of the city where the concerned company is situated.

b. Nearest locality :

Mention the particular area where you need an employee.

3. Category and skills :

State the type of work.

For example, if you want the person to be a graphic designer, then mention the job category as graphic design. Now you can add the type of skills that should be the expertise of the person.

Talking with respect to a graphic designer, you can mention that one should be acquainted with Adobe Photoshop, 2D graphics, etc.;

You have a vast choice, choose among the options, and complete the process of creating a job.

After this, the recruiter will be redirected to the home screen where he can see all the candidates who match up with the criteria set by the employer or manager.

Choose among the available candidates by shortlisting them or by choosing from the applicants who have applied.

That is all for both; employee and recruiter.

If you want to understand this better, then experience yourself by registering on Worknrby. You can download the application from here:




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