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An extrovert has so much more to tell the world. He has his stories to tell, and the world stands still to hear him.

Moreover, there is no such thing as a 100% introvert or extrovert. Each one of us has a portion of both the personalities inside us. Though it is indeed a gift to be an introvert, you can sometimes embrace the positives of being an extrovert. As an introvert, you have an untapped opportunity to connect with people and build a strong network.

Here are a few tips that will help you complete this transition from an introvert to an extrovert:

Hang around a little more:

Most introverts have a fear for going out of their zones and bond with people. The first thing you need to do is go out and hang around. Go out for family reunions and plan vacations. Spend time cooking for people you love and go out for walks. This will have a psychological impact on you, and you will be able to associate these people with these surroundings.

This will also help you to become more comfortable talking to others. Also, this pushes you off your comfort zone that is beneficial in this transition.

Always Smile:

Non-verbal cues are a much better option if you want people to approach you and begin the conversation. People associate a smile with happiness, and you can encourage them to initiate the chats with a simple smile.

Talk a lot:

Make sure that you are in conversation with at least one person each day. This will keep you outside your comfort zone, and you will be able to talk impromptu from there on,

Learn to say Yes:

This is one of the most exceptional habits that you can acquire. Say yes to all that comes your way and this will, in turn, test you for the changes you have learned. Getting yourself in new situations will develop and test your talking skills.

Learn to interact:

Whenever networking, make sure that you don’t stick around corners or bars for too long idle. Remember that you are on your quest to be an extrovert and need to talk with people to stretch a step forward in your mission.

Pretend you are the host of the party and participate proactively and talk to as many people as you can.

Be aware of current affairs:

Knowing what is going on in the world, will give you the knowledge you need to join conversations and prove your skills.

Do not use your phone:

This is a considerable challenge, not only for introverts but extroverts as well. If it is hard to stop using your phone, I recommend you to leave the phone at home.

I know this can be a little tough, but it is still doable. The more of this you implement in your career, the better it would be.


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