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People buy apple cell due to its goodwill in the international market. But unfortunately, more than 30% of such population is not aware of the reasons behind the spread of goodwill overseas.

Soul reason behind Apple’s success is its operating system. Unlike all the other cell phones available in the market, Apple has a unique operating system which helps it in standing apart.

Bringing such a new and best of what has been given till yet, iOS 13 is all ready to set the competition on fire. How? Read up the estimated changes made in iOS 13 and find out why iOS has been the king of technology and will always be:

1. Typing features:

Typing in iOS 13 is more advanced than ever. All the problems have been solved, and this has been made easy to use. In brief, earlier due to the increased size of the screen, it was difficult to type. And in order to save oneself from constant pain, iOS 13 is bringing in the swipe feature. This feature will enable you to write by swiping on letters. The kick here is that you will have tut yourself on how to swipe correctly.

2. Location Privacy:

With an increase in crime and negative happenings all over the world, it becomes the primary aspect to work upon the location privacy. To keep the location intact and confidential, the updated operating system has given the user the authority to control how and when apps access their location data. But if an app tries to access the location, then a notification will be sent to the user in regard to that.

3. Photo:

Earlier it was messy to go through the camera roll to find that one important picture. But now with the help of advanced arrangements, the process has been made easy. Here the pictures can be seen according to day, month, and year.

The best of pictures or rather the pictures clicked from the camera will be highlighted, and duplicate pictures such as screenshots and downloaded images will remain hidden.

This will make the search for photographs easy.

4. Find my:

This feature is made better by combining Find me and Find my friends into a single app. This makes it easier to locate both; the device and friends.

Find my works in the same way as it used to. But Find my friends have been made better by offering the friends’ location.

The best part about Find my feature is that it helps you find the missing devices even if it does not have an internet or cellular connection.

5. Sign in with Apple:

Sign in process for the third-party app is simplified by making bringing the “sign in with Apple” option. This will help in cutting down the worries like remembering the passwords or the mail addresses. The process is similar to that of google, facebook, twitter, etc.;

While using this feature, Apple will not track you.

6. Dark Mode:

This is one key exception: new dark mode option. This is nothing but an alternative to the standard light mode that has been used on iOS devices ever since they have been manufactured.

This feature will change the appearance of the operating system by darkening everything, right from the wallpaper to the built-in apps.

This has been designed with respect to providing the users with two options; light and dark. One can switch between light and dark, and there is a Dark Mode API which will help the developers in the development of friendly third-party apps.

7. Maps:

Ever since Apple started to provide map feature, it has never failed to seize the expectations of the user.

In iOS 13 the tradition continued. The map app has been built from the ashes. Improved features comprise of detailed roads, paths, parks, buildings, streets, and more. This makes reaching the destination on time or maybe before time.

  • Look around: new in maps feature, this tool provides a street-level view of what is searched. This can be done by tapping on the pair of binoculars that will be shown in the maps app.

The all-new maps app is estimated to be available across the world by 2020.

8. Video Editing:

iPhone is popular because of its camera. But the camera is worthless if it does not come with improved ways to use it. Hence Apple is proud to present the video editing tools.

Just like the pictures, one can easily adjust the elements like exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpness, filter, brightness, and more in the video.

The tools for cropping and rotating the video are also added as an important feature in the new operating system.


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