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Everyone around us, including ourselves, is getting educated to fetch the job of our dreams or to sustain a living. We have our reasons to look for a job, and our reasons differ from each other. But there is one thing that is common here; our ambition to be employed. But is it necessary or needful to get employed?

Need and necessity do not differ much from each other except on the approach of priority. When in need, a man is going through the craving of possessing something, but when in the necessity, a man carves something without which he can survive.

Hence, the need is more important to fulfill than the necessity. So what do you think about a job? Is it necessary to have one because the social standards will shame you, or is it needed because you have been victimized by poverty?

The answer to this is as simple as the twist in question.

Our job is a need as well as a necessity. We need it to overcome the poor conditions, match up with the social standards, be liked and respected, and are on our own.

The merits of having a job go on and on. Some of them are below:

1. You possess worth.

2. You are contributing to the economy.

3. You become an avid learner and develop skills.

4. Earn your own.

The essence of adulthood is employment. The person is worthless if he can not earn on his own. In some cases, you are considered worthless even when you are working to sustain the family business, and here it is important to know “if not preserved, then it may decay.” Hence the person helping in the family business is playing an important part in the survival of the business.

It does not matter if you are working as a lower grade employee, it is always vital to be on your own and survive the hardships thrown your way.

Morale here is; no matter how rich or unskillful you are, you must always try to be on your own. Through this, you will know the real kick of being on yourself. You will learn things that would not have been taught any other way. The worth of your time and energy can be best understood this way because there is no other medium to clarify why you are important and why you matter here.


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