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Cricket has been a way of income to many people around the world. The number of cricket playing countries is said to increase every year. We can see many youngsters taking up cricket as a career but some people aspire to be cricketers but due to reasons and some problems they cannot become a cricketer.  But what if I say you can experience that life from close and meet your favorite player on a daily basis?

Yes, this is possible. There are some job opportunities in the Cricket World Cup 2019 worth a try. To know further, here is the list of jobs:

1. Boundary boy:

There is always a need for people on the other side of the ground. You can apply for it if you are a good athlete. People are required to be near boundary even in practice sessions.

2. Doctor:

Sport is the most injurious way of entertainment. There is always a need for a doctor or rather doctors in the field because players are prone to get injured at any moment of the match. Even in practice sessions, there is a requirement for the doctor.

3. Electrician:

Who thought an electrician could play an important role in a cricket match. But it is true that without him, lights will not work, if lights will not work, then there is no possibility of playing at night. Since cricket requires the time of a maximum of 8 hours, sometimes it is not possible to wind up the game before evening or late evening.

Everything in a match is dependent upon the electrician. If he is not present, then who will solve the problem in the third and fourth empire’s computers?

4. Ground caretaker:

The game cannot be played if a pitch is not friendly. Hence ground takers play an important role in conducting the match. It is a good opportunity to explore your love for nature and cricket at the same time.

5. Event managers:

Cricket has a huge fan following and talking about the world cup, this happens once in four years which increases the craze among fans. People from around the world come to support their favorite teams as a result of which, maximum of 50,000+ fans are expected to come in each match. In this scenario, be a helping hand and organize the match with the committee.

There are more job opportunities and you can find them on the cricket board’s official website.


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