Kabir Singh: an optimistic the way through the hopelessness

Bollywood has a way to deliver motivation. Which is one and foremost reason why we look forward to the latest releases. It is estimated that Bollywood has launched Kabir Singh to be sure that people have learned the lessons and moved on with their lives. For it is difficult for anyone to go without hitting bottom for least once in their share of life. Hoping to motivate you and push you to test yourself, Kabir Singh has got everything and all the morals a working person is looking forward to. With an intention to pull you out of the misery of life, the sequel of Telugu hit Arjun Reddy is all set to shower solutions on the tiny problems faced by the working people all around the globe. To figure it better, here are the 7 lessons from Kabir Singh which will help you trigger off work worries:

1. Do not let hardships underestimate you:

Kabir is a rebel. He has got his ways to get the work done. He has a clear mind on what he wants from life and strives his hardest to achieve all of it. That one time, when he was abandoned by his family, yet, he survived it by taking up a job at one of the best hospitals in the city. You see, the success and failure is a part of the persuasion of goals, and he did not let the failures cloud his focus. Hence, do not think twice while putting extra efforts for that one promotion, no matter if it is personal or company.

2. Education is the essence of a successful life:

Books may not give you the most realistic knowledge, but they surely can help you know about things of your concern. Educating oneself opens up the diversity of career possibilities. It is a myth that Indian culture focuses on studying, which is why it is becoming more important than any other factor in a person. The truth is, with education comes wisdom and wisdom is the soul of a person’s behavior.  Education helps you to understand your worth and molds you in a spectacular way.

If you are educated enough, then you will not only benefit your job but also help your colleagues and company with minor or major problems standing in their way.

3. Work with your heart, mind, and soul:

There is no denying to the fact “To become the master at any skill, it takes the total effort of your heart, mind, and soul working together in tandem.” The combination of three can take you places. Presence of all three will lead you through ways and possibilities of life that you thought were difficult or almost impossible to happen.

Take notes from surgeon Kabir Singh, who became a successful doctor even after being left heartbroken. And work your way to your career triumph.

4. For a change, try to be visionary:

Understanding what others are feeling and helping them to cope with it is a great act of humane. Accepting a pregnant woman and taking pride in raising the kid together in a twisted society like ours was an act of rebellion.

In corporate, instead of trying to find problems in your manager’s attitude, see if you need to change and if yes, then change in a way which is beneficial to you, organization and the manager.

5. Never stop believing in yourself:

Remember how Kabir turned himself in court and accepted his failures and swore to work on himself? No matter how many times people, family, or friends underestimate your willingness and power to succeed, you have to get up and keep moving. If you do not believe in yourself, then who else will? It is important to be in conversation with your failures and get hold of ways to come out successful.

That one compliment, prize, or promotion might not come easy. You will fail multiple times, but at the end of the day, everything is going to be worth fighting for.

6. Be so determined that distractions leave you alone:

Our weakness differs from one another. But it is evident that whatever its nature be, it is more likely to distract from your goals. Even after being hopelessly in love, Dr. Singh decided to leave for masters and make a career that is more promising than his existence.

We should learn from him and focus on things that are important and promises a better future.

7. Your self-discipline will take you places:

Having a clear picture of what your tomorrow should look like, is important. If you are starting off your career, then it is significant to aim for company success. It will not come until you have mastered your role in the company. And to do it, you will have to go through many hardships, but you will get through the problems only if you are good at self-discipline. Hence, to succeed in any form, you need to be self-disciplined.


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