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Cannot get hold of reasons on why even after getting a healthy paycheck, your employees are as unproductive as an Air Conditioner in winters?

Well, there is only one reason to that, “Employees are not happy at the workplace.”

Yes, there are 99% chances of this being the reason behind the unproductivity of your workers. And now the question arises, “Why are not they happy at the workplace?”

To help you through it, here are some ways on how one can help the employee reach happiness level:

1. Act as a backbone:

If they face failure, do not blame them for it. Instead, talk them out to prepare a more robust plan to succeed.

This will help the employees to keep a positive approach towards the achievement of organizational goals.

2. Appreciation is the key:

Do not let your employees feel unappreciated for covering an extra mile.

If they are working till late hours at night, then offer a leave or half day leave. It is important for you to understand the significance of putting the words into actions and show them, they are being noticed and appreciated.

In case you cannot provide a leave, go for promotions. Promote their designation in terms of money and responsibility.

3. Encourage freedom of speech:

Employees are the primary reason for the existence of your company. Hence, allowing them to speak their mind out might result in a productive interaction upon the lousy planning structure, communication barrier between the team and clients, and so on.

In the end, it provides insights into the workers and helps to work on the strategies to come up with a strong team base.

4. Half a truth is often a great lie:

Honest feedback plays an important role in the growth of the company, which is dependent upon the growth of an employee. One should try to be transparent by sharing the views on strategies or way of handling problems. If you think it would have been done in a better way, then speak.

Always remember; your employees cannot dream about your expectations if you choose to stay shut about them.

5. Time is precious, ask your employees to waste it wisely:

Employees go through many hardships to make your dream come true. But there is a group or an individual who puts extra than others.

In such a scenario, you can reward the best performers with the incremental vacation days. Because there is nothing better than a break of two or three days after working hard for longer than 2 months.

6. Provide training:

Training an employee works as a benefit for both; the company and the employee himself. It is noticed that the employees who get trained deliver more satisfying result than the employees who were not trained.

Guidance helps the employee to understand the work environment, company goals, and the mindset required to succeed. Therefore it is essential to train the employees.


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