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Link building is evolving for a long time. This has been made better each time by adding up some advancement to it. The reason behind constant evolution is its demand in the market as it is the foremost action of SEO.

But link building process is not as simple as it seems. One has to pay extra attention when they start the link building campaign.

Build links for the business, for the customers, introduce and associate them with good and useful content. This will help you in keeping the customers happy and Google will keep you in the search results, which will help your business to grow. The best of results can be enjoyed only when the links you built are yours and Google doesn’t conclude that you are trying to manipulate their search algorithm.

To understand the process thoroughly, go through the frequent advancements to excel in link building.

Here is the overview of outreach in 2019 :

1. Content must be good and worth helping :

The initial step towards a successful link building is, providing content worth helping people interested in it. Hence, being the authority responsible for the content, one should make sure that content is of some help and represents correct and present facts.

If your work is helpful and prepared without copying others’ work then it is natural to get more links but if the situation is opposite then there is a possibility that you will get a personal warning from Google for violating the norms by stealing an existing piece of work.

2. Flexible external links :

Occurring of errors is natural, without them the work is considered incomplete. But reoccurring of same error is a worry. Thus, work upon the 404s and provide flawless help to your visitors.

This hinders people from accessing your help, initially leading to major loss of links. Therefore work on these as soon as possible.

3. Get links via link reclamation :

People and companies mention your brand in an article and do not link it to you. This can be seen happening on Quora. People use someone as an example and do not link them, leaving the process incomplete.

They might have been proved themselves as an ear to one’s sorrow but they did not provide the exact solution by linking them to the relevant way out.

But we cannot blame them. All you do is, fetch the information to connect that person. Best will be connecting with them via mail and talk out the issue you faced.

Make sure the mail is generous request and you should not look like dominant. A negative and dominating mail sends a bad image of you or your company and might result in losing the existing links.

4. Reverse Image search strategy :

Reverse image search is the best and easiest way to get the bonus links.

If you publish visual assets like information graphics and charts then this strategy is a sure help to get the bonus links. And there are chances that some sites are using your charts and infographics without attribution.

You do not have to worry, as this will work in your favor.

All you need to do is, think wise and send a friendly mail in respect of utilization of your visual assets and this might be an opportunity you did not think would ever knock your door.

To find people and websites using your visual assets, use Google reverse image search and you will be shown the exact and correct results. And you know what comes next!

5. Give an interview on Podcasts :

Guest posting is a lengthy process and results derived does not meet the expected! To save yourself from investing time and efficiency in preparing guest posts, you can try podcasting.

Instead of outlining, editing and drafting the guest post, all you need to do is show up and talk express your knowledge in the concerned matter. The best part about podcasting is that it does not require much thinking and writing because there are different topics and the shorter and precise your podcast is the more links you are likely to fetch.

This is an assured way to get the targeted links.

6. “Link Intersect” tool :

If someone ends up linking with your competitor then they are likely to link you too. And the chance of linking to you increases when the third party is linked with two or more of your competitors.

In such a case, “link intersect” will come handy and help you in uncovering the likely linkers.


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