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Former Indian cricket team captain Lt. Col. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a living example of perfection. There have been incidents that indicate his qualities are of a tremendous person. He served as a captain of Indian cricket team for 19 years and within this passage of time, he has successfully delivered lessons worth saving work life of an employee.

His journey from nobody to someone vital in Indian cricket team is an undeniable example of “you are not responsible for where you are born but you are responsible for what comes out of you”. Here is some light on how M. S. Dhoni’s journey is a promising lesson for every working person no matter how low or high their position is:

1. Both feet on the ground :

Remember the first match of India in the Cricket world cup 2019, where Lt. Col. M. S. Dhoni wore gloves with a print of his regiment? It is incredible how a person has his ways to be thankful for everything he has been blessed with.

A small gesture showed that he has not forgotten his roots and will be forever gratified for all the blessings showered upon him.

Similarly, our actions to express gratitude might help our manager to know how thankful we are for the support and assistance provided by him.

2. Everyone is fighting a battle, be kind to people especially strangers:

In a career of 29 years, we have never seen the former captain of cricket team confront a fight; verbal or actual. The person has never done anything that can offend a race, nation, or a mare group of people. No wonder why Indians and the current captain Virat Kholi are totally in debt of his assistance in the ground.

Learn this from him and imply it by being a positive employee in your office. You never know, you might end up making someone’s day or week or helping the office achieve productivity like never before.

3. No time for excuses:

M. S. Dhoni has never let either Indian Army or Indian Cricket team down. The person has been an avid performer in both fields. An example of which was seen in an IPL match where he was having severe pain in the back but instead of giving up, he chose to stand by and tried his best. This should inspire an employee to perform best in his field of concern and help the company to gain profits.

4. Anger management is important:

It is evident to face agony or happiness while losing or winning against an opponent. But captain cool seems to have no effect in respect to either of these situations. The former captain of the Indian cricket team has excelled his way through anguish and joy. We have never witnessed him losing his nerve.

Just like him, an employee needs to relax in the situation of both; promotion and ascent of grade. One must remain calm throughout either of situations thrown his way because tables will turn and the opposite of one’s situation is a guarantee.

5. Team management is significant:

The team is a combination of the best people put together. And to come out victorious with the team is a good quality of a captain. Ex-Captain of an Indian cricket team has emerged as a champion in 178 matches out of 331 which is the highest number of matches played by a captain in the cricket world. To our surprise, the ex-captain has never taken the team’s share of compliment and has always been grateful to be a part of them.

One can imply this rule incorporate too because in order to achieve the success you will need a team that assists you. Implantation of this rule could be done by simple gestures of gratitude like thanks or promotion (will never run out of fashion).

6. Learn to move on:

Being stuck at a place when you know this is not something that could be controlled by you is an act of utter foolish. Mahi would stay a captain for as long as the officials asked him to resign. Instead, he announced farewell and resigned from the post of captain after the completion of 331 matches under his captaincy.

He understood that it is important to change and therefore took a step for it. Similarly, accept the change that is required from you. Work for the same and assist your teammates in the achievement of outputs.



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