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Organizations have to go beyond just adhering to the law. They need to walk the longer darker road, to tell the benefits of a gender-equal workplace.

The problems in India are the result of a deep-rooted gender-biased culture which needs more than mere laws against the unlawful. Gender bias gives birth to other major social problems such as sexual harassment, molestation, abuse and rape to count a few.

The recent #METOO or the older movements such as The List and Name and Shame have empowered women to put out their voices. The volume and the pace at which revelations are being made is alarming. It depicts how deep-rooted these problems really are. The rich and powerful men who ruled respective institutions have fallen on the face and their identities soiled for good.

Here are some things workplaces can do improve the condition and avoid these mishappenings.

Introduction of Strict Sexual Harassment policies

Make sure that you have a Sexual Harassment policy in place and encourage people to come and speak in case of a nuisance. This will help your staff feel safe, and ultimately prevent such acts.

Encourage the weaker half

Women, though strong, refrain from expressing themselves when coming face to face with acts of harassment. Encourage them to report such incidents. Paying them equal to men and delegating authorities will boost their morale and ability to speak up against these cases.

Talk to them Personally

Make sure that your managerial team is in regular touch with the employees. This will keep you informed about the whereabouts of your institution. Also have regular chats with the female staff to know if they feel safe and comfortable on the premises.

Awareness Programs

The management team should arrange awareness programs where they should make aware of the acceptable and inappropriate behavior. This will draw clear guidelines as to what is permitted and what is not.

Take initiatives

Have an in-house helpline number for the employees to hear their grievances. You can also gift them pepper sprays and other safety devices that will keep them safe. This will also boost up their performance since they will appreciate this extra walk that you decided to walk for them.


Almost every functional institute today has a higher percentage of males in the top management. Making a diverse workforce and appreciating and leveraging them by merit and competence will make for half the solution.

These are some of the ways that will help you to make your office a lot safer. However, every office is different and needs personalized solutions to most problems. Have a team of sensible people make policies that best suit your workplace.

Worknrby aims at creating awareness among workplaces to ensure the safety of women. If there are any other ways, that you can help us spread, make sure you leave a comment down below.


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