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In 2000, iOS came with Siri, which turned out to be the USP for the brand. Apple thought out of the box and made the chatbot a reality. In the year 2000, approximately 250,000 people were assisted by Siri daily.

Seeing the success of Apple, a company from the market decided to develop a new chatbot, Alexa.

Alexa is a chatbot which is a step ahead of Siri. But to be honest, neither of the two is lesser than the other. Both have been assisting and satisfying their customers. An increase in sales of products is a clear indication of their success.

But what if there is more to explore and neither of the two has tried that?

Well, there is much more to Chatbot development which should be implemented to make it the best service. The foremost reason to do this immediately is that there are around 68.7% of people who have access to these chatbots are genuine with the approach whereas 15% of the same possessor population uses this for fun purposes.

Hence to make Chatbots more effective, focus on the following points:

1. Greetings and openings matter:

The relationship between a person and bot is solely based on the warmth of the bot or you may say the trust.

The work cannot be done until the person trusts the bot and its ability to perform. Or in other words, you can understand that the user must always feel that he is talking to a human and he (bot) will understand and help him reach his desires.

Hence the basic way to establish such an environment is “greetings”. Instead of old and official greetings, try going for the ones that are popular amongst the people. Yo, hey, hello, hi either will work.

2. Expect the irrelevant queries:

As mentioned above, there will always be that one group of people who will throw irrelevant question just to pass their time or to entertain people or for any other naïve purpose.

Thus try converting such a habit of the user in an opportunity. Think of all the sarcastic and funny answers to keep your users engrossed.

3. Precise information within less time:

Humans come to machines and technology because they want to get the things done in a certain time limit with an appropriate result in their hands.

Therefore there will be a natural frustration in humans when the chatbot lacks the characteristics like intelligence, accuracy and time.

The bots must be developed in such a way that they satisfy humans better than anyone. Only then they will consider trying it and using it continuously in their daily routine.

4. Repetition of an answer leads to negative impact:

There are so many questions which lead to the same answer but again, the same answer might bore the person and finally, he will lose interest in bot.

Rescue through such situations can be done by clarifying that the bot did not understand the question or query; this will give the customer a way out of the chat.

Etiquettes = Victory:

So what if it is just an intelligent support system?

The bot must know the mannerism and follow it just like humans do.

This will create a comfortable environment and the person will be more inclined towards trying the service it is willing to offer.

5. Goodbye is the new welcome:

A short and sweet message can be voiced in respect of the session shared between the bot and person.

This will leave a positive imprint in the heart of the person and he will be pleased with the services offered. The person will be interested in using the service again and again and again.


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