“An entrepreneur’s actions are someone’s dream.” An example of which is Veerappa Gangaiah Siddhartha Hegde’s Café Coffee Day. The coffee king made us fall in love with coffee all over and again through his unique concept CCD. Later, Café Coffee Day became the game-changer in the face of India’s history. A coffee outlet not only impacted the coffee market but also help people enjoy the new face of India.

People welcomed the idea of CCD as a result of which it became the first choice for meetings; official, as well as casual meet, started taking place at CCD. This place continued to add feathers to VG Siddhartha’s cap.

As CCD grew into a bigger brand, the situation got tougher with each promotion. Yet VGS did not give up and provided the best of his services either through his brand or directly. He was the true spirit of an entrepreneur, and all the budding, aspiring or established entrepreneur has a long story of him as an inspiration to do better than yesterday.

Here are 5 lessons for an entrepreneur from an entrepreneur:

1. Simplicity:

Simplicity is the hallmark of patience and willpower of a person, and Siddhartha had both in abundance. The man was down to earth and treated all the people of his family; CCD or personal with equal respect. Even being the founder of the internationally reputed brand, VGS was at his utmost ease.

Young entrepreneurs should imply this trick in their lives and then see how everything changes for better and the best.

2. Be the change you want to see:

Unlike many Siddhartha chose to stand for his dreams and ended up revolutionizing the Indian coffee market forever.

“Indian coffee industry owes its success to Siddhartha” a result of two corresponding statements made by the Coffee Planters of Sakleshpur.

Thus instead of becoming a way of complaining, be a way of solution. Also, while doing so, one must never push his limits and shall provide the possible from his end.

3. Work in respect of society and turn the unskilled and idle youngsters into the game changers of tomorrow:

“Siddhartha’s answer to Naxal menace was jobs for local youngsters and all those in need.” said a Local MLA CT Ravi.

Hence he started skill training institutes for the local people. Through this, he successfully managed to produce loyal and quality employees for his and other brands.

Following his footsteps, an entrepreneur can set up-skill and training institute to help people by providing employment. This way, one can succeed in two things: solve the unemployment problem and recruit already trained people.

4. Be everyone’s best boss:

Even after death, Siddhartha is receiving praise for his compassion. Everyone who worked for him says that he was the best boss because he was a generous person and had a thing for everyone who worked for him.

Usually, people who are positioned as a founder or CEO of a brand are seen not giving much thought about the employees at a lower level whereas VG Siddhartha was not among this category of CEOs.

We should try to be compassionate too. You can start by understanding the employees’ reasons for being late or for not being able to attend the office. For example, if a lady in your office goes on maternity leave, then you can opt for providing leaves as well as her salary for the time being or for certain time because it is no hidden secret that delivery costs more than 2kg of gold.

5. Work for reasons:

As a human, we owe a part of our services to the society and the environment we live in. With this mantra, Siddhartha did quite many things for the upliftment of coffee farmers in south India. In Managluru and whole Karnataka, tea was consumed from a long time, but Siddhartha broke this tradition by introducing coffee to the people residing in the territory. The success in Mangluru praised Siddhartha to move forward in the same line of work, and he established CCD outlets across Karnataka by the arrival of 2000.

The popularity increased due to an increase in the consumption of coffee. Increased consumption leads to a hike in the price of coffee beans. This market situation stimulated the framers to grow coffee.

Through this, Siddhartha erased foremost problem like unemployment by providing a market for coffee beans grown in his local area.

Take inspiration from him and work for the betterment of people by erasing or deducting one of many problems in their life.

Long live our coffee king!


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