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Indian Prime Minister reverent Narendra Modi Sir has quite a solution for every odd tossed his way. At the annual 2nd Pariksha pe charcha event a lady thought of taking his quality to her advantage by asking reverent sir PMO “what are the measures I can take to extract my son’s attention from online gaming and divert it towards his board class?”

The question left sir PMO shut and the answer he gave had everything but a solution. The video of this event buzzed through almost 70% of smartphones in India as ”PUBG wala hai kya?” title name.

That woman’s worry was an eye-opener and indicated how parents are vulnerable to the kids’ demands. Her question came like a rude awakening and raised many other questions like; whether kids should be exposed to technology? Or do their kids require internet exposure at all? and more.

While PMO had adequate knowledge of online gaming addiction yet couldn’t think of a sure solution, our dragon neighbor aka China took the woman’s concern seriously.

China has now circulated an order on the minimal to no online gaming for minors. The audacity of the decision taken by the Chinese government is commendable.

As per a survey, by 2020 the average age of Indian will be 29 years compared to 37 years for China. And while China is at saving the quality youth, least India could do is, take a look at these measures:

1. Teenagers falling under 18 cannot play online games from 10 pm to 8 am.

2. Only 90 minutes of online access will be allotted to those under 18.

3. Users or gamers are required to provide the registration details. The details provided by the user must be transparent. In case of fraud details, access to the online game will be denied.

4. Gaming prices cover a hike of 200 RMB with a final price of 400 RMB from 200 RMB.

Being the biggest video game market, China saw the consequences from close which resulted in the adoption of the policies. Have a look at why it was important to take charge of teenagers under 18:

1. Severe health issues due to late-night gaming- insomnia, eye, and bone weakness, increased stress and tiredness, etc

2. Time efficiency was lost in day and night gaming.

3. China is the biggest market of video games provided cheap access to online games.

4. Cheaper access increased online addiction.

Minor years is the most crucial time of a person’s life and seeing the youth of a country spending this time in online gaming instead of reading, writing or exploring theories behind this world is dreadful.

Governance on the access to online games in India can save the youth. Next year India is estimated to become the youngest country and the youngest country shouldn’t slouch back in the chair due to pain in the backbone. The youngest country must emerge as power as none has seen.

So, before the government decides to jump in take a stand for yourself. Avoid using the internet or technology for doing a bare piece of work. Take care of your health and don’t get influenced by social media trends. Other than that, soon going to be the youngest country should know its.


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