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It is natural to notice an increase in consumption of pages as your career graph move upwards, therefore, it becomes difficult for a person to put all the achievements, experiences and qualities in a single page of the paper.

But thankfully, corporate is not judgmental on the basis of pages used in scripting the resume. The world now is changing and believes that one should have a choice of achievements and experiences to decorate his resume.

Although on the other hand if one is a newcomer or only has an experience of a few years then he should stick to one page resume rule. Because the shorter, the appropriate. Through this, one will be able to deliver the objective without sounding cliché.

You will be surprised to know; the resumes can be lengthier than two pages and go beyond five pages.

The question here is what will be noticed and what will go unnoticed? Because honestly, nobody in the world has time to scrutinize all the three, four or five pages attached in the name of curriculum vitae. In such cases, the person remains in confusion as to what shall he write and what should not be included? And how can he save himself from delivering a boring resume?

Well, the answer is simple. You should focus on what is asked by the company. Attach and mention all the information in regard to the interest of the company. If the resume is exceeding three pages then go for a change in font, change in font color, turning the font in bold. You can try converting the important experiences and achievements in italics or you can try any other font style which you think suits your personality and will convey the message easily.

1. For better understanding, one can write 1 or 2 points of instructions which highlight the meaning of color, font or bold. Make it clear that these are for some purpose and not for creativity purposes.

2. In case you forgot to write instructions, you can verbally call them out and narrate their meaning to the interviewer.

It is prescribed to not miss any sort of achievement or experience that stand a chance to change your existing life. Do not think twice before making your resume lengthy because every practice and accomplishment is different from each other and you will never know which will come handier while interviewing for your dream company.

But if an employer is rejecting you on the basis of length of the resume then there are two reasons behind it:

1. The person is unaware of the fact that quality comes with quantity. This is mainly why the person thinks your experiences are illusory and chooses to reject you for someone who is 10 times behind you in the race of quality.

2. The second reason is that the employer thinks you are overqualified.

Yes, there comes a time when an employer thinks you are overqualified for the opening in their company because you are already 5 to 6 years ahead of their needs. Even when the experience of all the employees is combined, as a company they are 4 to 5 years behind you.

This also implies you are not only ahead but you have already been through the days they will live in the coming years.  The whole scenario adds up to one foremost thing, which is you are costlier than the company is willing to afford.

Hence the moral is; focus on scripting a resume that is not short or long but has concise information and is easy to read. Such resumes tend to capture the interest of the interviewer and deliver the purpose despite the length of it.


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