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Most rejections in life will be painful but will also carry a potential learning experience. You sure have come across people who stop trying on being turned down. However, there are only a few who bounce back and seize the opportunity. We have all experienced this sting of rejection. But only a few people use this pain to get better.

Your response to failure will, however, change the course of your future.

Let us take a look at some of the most successful people who failed miserably once.


J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter sold over 450 million copies and got built into a blockbuster movie franchise. Her net worth is roughly estimated at $1 billion today.

Rowling revealed that her first book “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” was rejected several times before it was finally accepted for publishing by Bloomsbury Publishing House.


Walt Disney was rejected at his very first job at the Kansas City Star newspaper. His manager stated that he lacked imagination and had good for nothing ideas. However, this wasn’t the only time he failed. He acquired Laugh-O-Gram studio which got bankrupt very soon.

The first success Disney had was after he moved to Hollywood.


This legend from Hollywood was rejected by the Southern California School. Over time, his movies have made above $9 billion.


Sir Issac Newton was pulled out of school because his mother wanted him to work at the farm to help the family. Newton failed at the farm and was sent to Cambridge University. He went on to become the biggest scientists of all time.


Thomas Edison was fired from his job at the Associated Press Bureau. He accidentally spilt Sulphuric acid that melted through his floor and went down straight to his boss’s table. Edison was also told that he was too stupid to learn anything.

During his course, Edison made more than 1000 patents to his name and made some revolutionising inventions.


Albert Einstein was not able to communicate his messages to other using traditional methods. As a child, he faced problems of not being able to communicate correctly.

Despite all these failures, he became the Nobel prize winner.


Charles Darwin is known for his writings “On the Origin of Species”. He revolutionised the fundamentals of world science with his discovery of Evolution. However, Charles Darwin was also considered a failure once, and not much was expected of him. He was a very average student and had to give up his career in medicine.


Henry Ford was considered a failure since many of his automobile business attempts had failed. People had no hope in Ford’s success until Henry Ford changed the automobile industry forever. His assembly line mode of car manufacturing changed the way cars were being made.


Clayton had always wanted to be an astronaut. However, his application was still rejected. It was only after 15 rejections that he got to work as an aerospace engineer with NASA. He has spent five months at the International Space Station. In 2007.


Lady Gaga has a net worth of $59 million today. However, she was once dropped by LA Reid which rendered her speechless for hours. LA Reid said that she was disappointed by her demo tape.

All these people had both courage and patience, to keep them coming back to life in expectations of more. No matter how hard life hit them, they knew it was going to feel a little less hard as they had learned something from the past.

Guys, don’t let success drive you crazy and never allow failures to decide the course of your life. Do you have any real-life examples of such heroes? Tell us their story in the comments section below.


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