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The hardware and software components are combined to come up with the technical advancements. These technical advancements can be best seen in the operating systems because the smartphone market is increasing day by day and it is not just a camera and memory but the type of services supported by the operating systems.

Whether iOS or Android, both operating systems aim to satisfy their customer and provide services that have been asked. Both operating systems differ from each other, hence comes with different advantages and losses. Neither among both can be adjudged as the better than the other one because one’s consequence is another one’s perk and vice versa.

Although amid the total of the world’s smartphone users around 52.1% uses Android phones and 42.9% people uses iPhone which means Android is loved more than iPhone. And there is not one but quite many reasons behind the worldwide support to Android; the first being its rate followed by the cheap accessories etc;

Apart from the physical and financial features, there are technical features which are responsible for the Android popularity. The technical features are mentioned below :

1. Forget forgetting the important documents :

One often finds himself facing the situation where he has completely lost a track on where did he keep the files. But one does not needs to worry because the android comes with Built-in backup system.

The feature is limited but is enough to retain the folders and documents before they disappear forever.

Step :

Phone Settings > System > Backup > Add Gmail account > Click on “back up now”

Forget forgetting the important documentss- Worknrby

2. Find my device :

Do not be confused between Android’s and iOS’s services. Initially, the feature was introduced by the iOS and it turned out successful. Hence android decided to launch this feature in the operating system and make things easy for the customer.

The Android’s find my device helps the person in unlocking the cell phone, especially when the device has been stolen.

This feature allows you to block the data and if you wish to erase the data then you can go with it too.

To activate this, follow these steps :

Phone Settings > Security & Location > find my device > turn on the button >Device Admin apps > Activate Find my Device

Find my devices- Worknrby

This process has become simpler. Kindly download the Find My Device app from the Google play store.

3. Privacy on apps :

If you are the kind of person who does not like people looking into your personal business by indulging in your interest through the photo albums or chats, then follow these steps :

Phone Settings > Security & Location > Turn on the Screen pinning > Overview ;

After pressing on the overview button you will see a pin icon on the bottom right. Find the app you want to pin by clicking on it.

4. Exploit the developer’s efforts :

This particular feature is overlooked but has proven to be quite helpful in so many cases. When you enable the developer option, you become authorized to configure the phone’s profile, tweak the performance, and do absolutely everything that phone will not allow you.

By accessing the developer option you can view the mobile’s stats or opt to disable the bloatware that came with your smartphone.

Activate the developer option by :

Phone Settings > System > About Phone > Build number ( tap here for 7 times) > on the 7th tap a message will pop regarding the changing of the passcode, change the passcode and you are now a developer.                                                                                          Exploit-the-developer’s-efforts- Worknrby

Go back to System Tab > Developer Options > tweak your advice as per your wish.

Exploit the developer’s efforts 1- Worknrby

5. Set volumes for the particular app :

This is the frequently faced problem because we need different frequencies of sound from a different app. For example, everyone wants the alarm to sound at the highest volume whereas the notification should remain either on vibrate or silent. In such a case the settings mentioned below will be a help :

a. The press the volume button on the side of the phone’s frame

b. 3 options will be displayed :

  • Media
  • Ring
  • Alarm

Set volumes for the particular apps- Worknrby

c. Set the preferred volume for each option

6. Tighten the security by making the fingerprint scanner more accurate :

This function will not change the already built technology of fingerprint. Rather it will help you in adding the record of fingerprints which will make the scanner more accurate.

Follow on how it can be done by checking out the steps below :

Phone Settings > Security & Location > Fingerprint > Add Fingerprint > Keep registering the same fingerprint in different directions and angels

Note: Fingerprint hack can be done only in those cells where fingerprint security is an option.

7. Type with the help of gestures :

Gesture typing or swipe typing is the same process. This function was initially introduced in Android mobiles to make the writing of texts and documents easy. But in upcoming iOS 13, the iOS is launching it with the name swipe texting.

Activate this by following the steps mentioned below :

Phone Settings > System > Language & Input > Virtual Keyboard > Gboard > Glide typing > Enable the options which suits you best


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