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After our blog, “Turn your blogging habit into a full-time job”, we felt the need for writing another blog to take your blogging to one level up from there.

To write an effective blog, you need to make sure that you have attention to detail in your blogging skills first. Only good content will make readers come back week after week to appreciate and share your content.

Also, once you have your blog up and running, you should develop the following habits to make the blog even more popular and successful.

Validate your content:

The readers vest their trust in you, and you need to make sure that they hold on to this reason for coming back. Keep your content authentic and validate your sources before you post anything.

Please make sure you write in your voice so that the user feels a connect every time he reads your blog. Writing in your voice every time will only add authenticity to your writing.

Your reader needs a story to stay:

Your writings should always have a story.

Whether you write about technology, your personal life, travel or food; make sure you have a story to tell because that is what will keep the user glued to your blog. You need to weave your information and a connecting story to keep the reader entangled. To master this art of weaving, you will have to practice that a lot. Try and rewrite your old pieces in this new format and see if it works and what improvement does it show over the past.

Quality above Quantity

The thumb rule to doing anything in the world and getting good at it is, trying to improvise on the quality first and then the quantity.

Make sure you have your content proof-read and validated before you push it live. Make a rule that you create deadlines for different drafts of your blog. This will keep your speed in check, and various drafts will keep the quality under observation.

Make sure that you post consistently so that the user knows when they will hear from you. Also, keep them informed if there’s a delay in the next update. Keep some suspense. Plan and wireframe the upcoming topics you will be writing on and start leaving traces in your blog to keep the user engagement high.

There are no rules as such to a perfect blog but if you take care of the above, you will not only upgrade your writing but also keep readers for longer on your blog. You will create a connection with the reader that will keep him with you for long.


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