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Remember how things were going smooth before you were called up for an interview or called up to ask if you are looking for a change? But even after facing the whole two rounds of the interview there is no sign of recruiters tracing you to the hole you are stuck in.

It is sad that even after putting in energy and time, all you get is silence from the recruiter. So, the question is, why not you are being called to confirm your post or to let you know you are not being selected. Here are 7 reasons why there is silence from recruiters end:

1. Do you remember applying?

The possibility is, you forgot to apply for the job. In some cases, the HR’s hit you up on the call and enquires if you are looking for a change and then ask you to drop your resume at a particular mail address. But due to busy lives, we forget to do it and keep hoping against hope. Before blaming the other person, always make sure you have done the duty on your behalf.

2. Chaotic recruitment process:

While you may have been a responsible fellow and done everything that has been asked, hiring managers could turn out to be messy. The person might have forgotten to redirect your resume to the higher level manager and confirm your interview. Thus, save yourself from such a manager by following up after the two-three days of applying.

3. You are not the one:

One might have been rejected for the post because the experience did not match or one was overqualified. So, if the position was “Managing Director” and you are a “Charted Accountant” or “Junior Associate” then do not expect a callback.

4. Out of their territory:

Companies hire from other companies but make the application public because who knows, a potential candidate could be anywhere? In this case, nobody will have your back, and you will have to walk an extra mile to get the job. For instance, you can write up a mail and present your case on why you are the one.

5. Plenty of applications:

A vacancy for higher post receives more and number of applications, which means, yours stand a chance of being neglected. To get attention here, you can use a reference for your benefit and convince them to give you an opportunity.

6. Competition bagged it:

People hold more work experience than you do. Such a person gets chosen upon you. You do not have to feel bad here, instead work on your skills and give yourself some time. Work with an organization, and understand the market needs and demands, plan your way into the industry.

7. The mind is changed:

Sometimes the company closes the vacant post and holds on to the existing, at least for the time being. You can take hints by following up on recruiter or the employee working there.


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