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Every organization whether small-scale, medium-scale or large-scale, follows some work values framing professional criteria of its own which are generally known as company culture. Since the company culture defines the working criteria for the employees of an organization, it plays a crucial role in business success. 

Suppose, you’re doing a job with a good salary package and on the contrary, you’ve got an alternative job opportunity with relatively less salary package. The working environment of the company offering less salary package is relatively good. Almost all the people with a general perspective will choose a good and positive work environment over payscale. However, one should go for a combination of both factors, good pay, and good working culture as well.

Components of work culture

When you starting working somewhere, whether you’ll stay there or not, is decided by the place’s work culture. You’ll continue if you feel belonged to the place otherwise you’ll quit for sure. There are some major components that build the complete framework of work culture for any particular organization:

  • Clear vision of the ultimate mission
  • Factor of respect among employees
  • Level of good communication
  • Existing traditions of the organization
  • Business values of the entity

We know that every organization has its own rules and traditions followed by the people of the concern. So, it isn’t wrong to say that the overall performance of the organization depends entirely on the work culture

Essentials of a good work culture

An organization’s performance depends mainly on the work culture of the concern. The positive the working environment, the better is the outcome. Let us see the essentials of good work culture:

A culture that attracts calibre

An ideal work culture always tends to attract talent into the organization. A company should frame the work culture of the concern in such a way that feels attractive to the seeking candidates. 

Keep the employees satisfied

Employee satisfaction is considered one of the most important topics for any organization. Therefore, a good work culture should consider the employee satiety as a major concern and should regularly plan the things that can help in improving the same.

Enhances the talents of the resources in the concern itself

Attracting the outside talent is good but at the same time, enhancing the talent within the organization itself is equally important. An ideal work culture should foster the improvement of employees’ talent within the concern.

Performance appreciation to the employees

An employee works at his best when appreciated. This statement rightly explains the importance of employee appreciation. Good company culture will always work on employee motivation; and in my opinion, an employee well appreciated is well motivated.

Avoid dictatorship

Dictatorship in any work culture brings negative results for the organization and the workforce as well. When an employee is free to showcase his calibre, it will definitely yield good results. Thus, an ideal work culture should allow the employees to work in a free atmosphere.

Follow team building rather than individualism

It is rightly said in the phrase ‘Esprit de Corps’. This statement implies that team spirit is the only key to make the foundation of the business strong and firm. That’s why it is suggested that an organization’s work culture should focus on team building rather than individualism.

Hence, a company’s work culture plays a crucial role in creating an ideal framework for working and business success as well. The human resource department of every business entity should foster on every aspect of work culture and should suggest the top management about the needed changes in the company culture. In this way, the performance of every employee will improve and the organization will prosper. Hope this article met your reading desires. Feel free to share your feedback.


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