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Indian TV series fan has grown more expectations for TV series than the Indian government. The reason behind such a rise in expectation is the increased drama and advanced way of delivering the objective. It looks as if Indian directors have done their homework for the coming decades and there is no chance international TV series will have more fan base than the desi ones.

An example of such TV series is Sacred Games. This is a Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pankaj Tripathi, Saif Ali Khan and Ranvir Shorey starer TV show which focuses on the ill business and business practices within the territory of India.

This particular show is fire amidst the audience due to its language and classical drama by none other than Ganesh Gaitonde or Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

The drama focuses on business, power, politics, and the hindrances which follow the expansion of all three elements. The amazing dialogue delivery makes it fun for viewers to give this TV show a shot. Many say it has been a great source of entertainment and guess what, this can be the sole reason in making this show best on the global level.

It is not a surprise for the viewers to confront that this show inspires each part of life to be better than yesterday. And there is a message from Ganesh Gaitonde for all those who have not been a part of this hype, “I may be a bad guy, but I am not like you: Mai koi bhi hai, lekin tere jaisa nahi hai” So take a break and watch Sacred Games and see why Ganesh Gaitonde from Sacred Games is the boss goals for all the corporate:

1. Team Work is the essence of success:

Ganesh Gaitonde worked with people from all the communities. He connected different people and kept them under one roof for the achievement of one goal. Also, took care of their ends and were always there when they needed him.

A corporate boss can learn these thongs and imply it in his life. And then sit back waiting for these small gestures to connect the staff turning into the company’s success.

2. Do your homework:

Executing your business is difficult when more popular brands are available. To save yourself from investing money in a failed deal, you should research the market; supply and demand.

Study what are the loopholes in the existing system and see what you can do to make it easier. For a better look at how Ganesh Gaitonde ruined Issa. Even though his enemy had more power, he burned him to ashes and completely eradicated from his line of trade.

3. “Aaj se apun tum sabka bhagwan hai”; be fearless:

Ganesh Gaitonde did not fear any problem thrown his way. With a loyal team by his side, he got through the problems smoothly. He built a strong team which helped him all sorts of situations.

Hence just like this, a corporate boss should train his employees in such a way that they can emerge victorious on any sort of crisis. To be able to build such a team, the boss must prepare himself first. If he is sorted, then it will be easy for the company to stay motivated to keep going through all the odds.

4. Training is the foundation; pay special attention:

It is true that, without proper training, it not possible for employees to deliver the expected results. Ganesh Gaitonde was nothing without his men and their ability to perform anything he asked them to do. The whole situation was a success because he trained them well and prepared them for all the odds.

Try delivering the best through the training program, and it would be even better if one employs the person after providing them a proper training program.

5. Be your employees’ home and comfort:

A boss’s liability is not limited to training the employees to perform better but also, looking after each employee is an important part. Many of the employees working under you are newcomers; therefore, it is must to provide them a reliable environment as they constantly need feedback on the functions performed by them.

If an employee is going wrong then instead of scolding them or typing an angry mail, consider talking to them in person. This will help them in understanding your perspective, and they will be less likely to repeat the same mistake.

6. Always have a plan B:

The main reason behind the success of Ganesh Gaitonde was he had a plan for the plan. It made his competitors challenging to beat him.

In corporate, you do not have to think of yourself as a failure; instead, you should continue the planning and executing things. Face the failure and next time, go with the plan of the plan. The twist here is that these things come with experience and all the newcomers need not worry, as you are new, people barely take you as a threat due to which you have a lot of time for other things.

7. Keep your friends close and enemies closer:

Remember how bada badriya turned on Ganesh Gaitonde? Well, he was working for Ganesh’s enemy Issa, but the poor guy did not know he cannot hide anything from the god. Hence Gaitonde knew what was going on with him and executed him when the clock struck the right number.

Like him, a corporate boss can learn things or two on how to handle negative people in the firm.

8. Forget to give up:

A boss should never give up just because of some troubles. He is a boss, and he is looked like the one who has an answer to every situation.

Police had their ways on Ganesh Gaitonde, but they could not break him. Ganesh faced thirst and hunger for days, yet had the power to hold him together in hope.


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