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In a state like Rajasthan, water scarcity is a major problem due to the presence of a vast desert area. Droughts are not a surprise to people living here. Hence, it is evident that the state experiences temperature above 50 degrees in summers.

And without a doubt, the continuous push in mercury level makes summer the most irritating season. Such weather condition tremendously affects the businesses’ efficiency and productivity. Sweltering heat exhausts the employee’s enthusiasm and zeal to accomplish tasks. As a result of which, a negative change in the progress and yield in the output can be seen. To understand better, here are some ways of how heat affects the life of an employee:

1. Health issues:

An evident rise in health problems can be experienced during the summer season. Many people go through problems like dehydration and are in a constant state of dizziness. Outdoor employment has more adverse effects on the body as compared to indoor employment.

To save your employees from experiencing any such problem, you can change the work hours. For instance; you can provide night shifts or early morning shifts. This way people working in the field or off the field, both will be an advantage and accelerate the delivery of output.

2. Transport unavailability:

Summer is the season when public transport experiences most of the filth. Right from the passenger seat to the floor of buses and metros, everything reflects the foul image of public transport.

An employer can help the workers by providing a vehicle on behalf of the office. This way, it will be easy and comfortable to travel and also, they will reach the office on time.

3. Electricity cuts:

Rapid evolution is making it difficult to sustain without the availability of electricity. Many of the offices do not have inverters and solely depends upon the electric power. And when the power cuts are made, the employees get late in the delivery of result.

In scenarios like here, the manager should cooperate and provide the basic means for getting the work done.

4. Deficiency of water:

One can survive without electricity, but it becomes complicated when it comes to survival without water. Lack of water can not only affect our bodies but our sanitation too. It is important to intake the water in short intervals because heat absorbs the maximum of water from us.

As a manager, you should take care of the water supply. Make sure the water is chilled and filtered. Taking care of employees is your duty in exchange for the profits earned by them.

5. E-Gadgets turn into heated Gadgets:

Some offices don’t have air conditioners or cooling equipment which complex the usage of electronic gadgets. The heat generated by gadgets is too much to get through, and here the natural heat adds up to make it worse. Sometimes, due to an enormous generation of heat, the batteries run out, making the gadgets lose the intelligence to run.

It is important to provide cooling equipment because it is not safe for either employee or the gadgets to work in the scorching heat.

6. Food rots faster:

Due to a high increase in temperature, everything seems to get influenced by the sun. The food is important for a person to process, but if it is not edible, then it is viable to be unproductive because of starvation.

An empty stomach is likely to divert the mind. Hence it is important for the person to stay out of hunger if they require the energy to deliver the positive results.


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