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Earning a million just by searching bugs in the application may sound unbelievable but it is more existential than the hair on a bald head.

This is good news for all the development geeks. If you are a hardcore developer and can’t stand a day without working on apps and website then Google brings an opportunity like none in the past. Google has opened its bug bounty program for the applications available on the Google play store.

Till yet bounty program was restricted to Google websites, Chrome browser, and Google applications, but now Google has decided to include third-party applications available on Google play store. These third-party applications will be the ones with more than 100 million downloads. One can earn easy money by searching for security and other severe bugs in apps which fall under the criteria mentioned above.

Stand a chance to earn till 1.4 million or 14LAKH

Not all the applications falling under the criteria have issues or bugs but there are some popular applications which need to look at their bugs but have not taken it into the consideration till yet. Use your skills and enthusiasm for apps and development by finding bugs in the apps which are being used worldwide and earn money in millions. Here is how you can do it:

a. If you have got hold of Remote code exhibition bug then you stand a chance to earn easy 5,000 dollars to 20,000 dollars aka 14Lakh.

b. Whereas if the figure that private app component is being accessed or theft of private insecure data is taking place in an app then you can fill your pockets with $1,000 to $3,000 which when converted in INR is 70,000INR to 3,50,000INR

How to claim?

To claim the bugs and issues one has found in the apps on the Google play store, you have to submit a proper report. This report consists of information on:

1. Which data policy is being violated?

2. How many times and how were data policies violated?

3. Which application rules were being dishonored or which app rule did not come through?

Prepare a clean and appropriate report. The report must reflect your work and the actual bugs. Once the report is prepared then visit to submit the program.

NOTE: Read all the policies and rules before submitting the report. Go through the restrictions and consequences mentioned because wrong claims will be followed by some punishment or consequence. To be safe, kindly submit the genuine bugs.

Other platforms which allow you to search bugs and give money exchange of your services:

Popular brands like Microsoft, Facebook, etc; empower the developers to find the bugs and provide in money exchange. Use the opportunity to gain profit and learn the art of application development. And for more such bounty programs, go through the links mentioned below:








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