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The 21st century is the best example of the smart era. We are surrounded by things that can perform under the touch of our finger. However, when we look back, we never thought this is what the future would look like. Hence without a doubt, we have traveled an impressive journey of need and discoveries to meet these needs.

At present, variation and advancement have reached every aspect of one’s life. And together these things sum up as smart ways to get the work done. But did you know the key to work smart is pointless if it is not followed after the hard work and strategies that fall into hard work; sleepless nights, endless plans, failed ideas and efforts to make things possible.

It is true that hard work alone cannot take you places but it will not be right to admit that smart work alone can help you reach the heights. Both; working hard and smart will help you understand the things in a better way. Rather it will be in correct senses to admit that hard work is the foundation of smart solutions. To understand the lines better, below are the ways that determine why hard work is the essence of smart work:

1. Failure is a lesson, not punishment:

One might have been facing problems while striving for promotion or annual or monthly targets. In such a scenario, you learn where you went wrong and get back in the game. Chances are you will fail again but do not let it hinder your strategy towards the achievement of the target.

You have worked hard enough to be able to go for this, and now you will have to work smart if you want the feather on your cap.

2. Skills are polished:

Hard work will give you an idea on the type of skills which play an important role while accelerating for success. Hence now, you can use them as a weapon to stand out of the crowd and be unbeatable.

For guaranteed success, work towards the advancements in your skills. For instance, if you are a web designer and you have mastered Adobe Photoshop then try to learn the skills that are associated with photoshopping.

This is your hard work that turned into smart work.

3. Improved vision:

Maybe you’re an intelligent person and possess book knowledge more than anyone among your colleagues but there is one person who seems to have a solution for everything that has been going wrong in the office. And you have often confronted yourself in a dilemma; whether you have been taught wrong or books are a lie?

To be honest, practical knowledge of things is more important than what book taught us about that particular thing. This is the real reason why that one person who does not have a .5% of your intelligence but manages to have a way through everything.

Here it is clear that you do not require an IIT degree but a brain that understands the difference between where and how to use your knowledge. This (smart work) follows after experience as a result of which it can be concluded that experience comes after hard work.

4. Better conclusions:

Working hard might not help you to reach the destined place but it surely can make your way simpler. Thus, practice your expertise and understand your mistakes. Understanding of mistakes will tell you where you need to change and improve.

Here you will go through changes and drop the old techniques to excel your way to success. Eventually, you will realize how these old techniques have helped you to analyze the improved ways to get what you want.

Hence again, hard work made it possible to reach smart work.

5. Power will assist your brain:

It is true that power alone is useless to achieve your aim. But it plays a vital role by being 50% responsible for the success. Do not get how? Well, what if I say a content writer has been asked to deliver 3 contents worth of 1000 words each within the next 3 hours? Sounds impossible, right?

Honestly, it is possible if one’s typing speed is fast and one has the required knowledge about the topics that have been assigned for the articles. You see, knowledge and speed will work together to deliver the prescribed work within the set time.

Yet again, smart work was a mere possibility without the hard work.



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