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Pegasus Software A rude awakening for India- worknrby

Pegasus Software: A rude awakening for India

Over a dozen consisting of Lawyers, Journalists, Dalit activists, and academics were victimized through the Israel built spy software. The spy for the enemies...

WhatsApp Hacks: How to restore and backup messages on WhatsApp for Android OS

The cheap availability of internet and smartphones has to lead to increased WhatsApp consumption. As a result of which WhatsApp has become the most...

5 steps to download the WhatsApp status and photos

Whatsapp has been a boon ever since it came into existence and over this period of time, the advancements implied by the Whatsapp team...
How to beat time and delete the message for everyone on whatsapp worknrby

How to beat time and delete the “message for everyone” on Whatsapp

All of us have been through the time when we wanted to delete that one or many sent risky texts or media files. But...

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