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We exhaust ourselves by working continuously for 30-40 years of our life. Hence it is natural to demand the rest for the remaining time of our lives’. But the question is, why do we retire 10-20 years prior to our deaths? We do not know, right?

Well, after a period of time, the person is likely to be tired of boring work, but why retire when you can take a break? It is important for us to understand that retirement is an ultimate dead end, and this is not something that we require until our last breath.

Here are 7 reasons why taking up the retirement is worse decision ever taken:

1. Loss of power:

Giving up on a position will give a chance of disrespecting you to many of those people who were never in favor of you. Once the power is gone, no money can help you feel less vulnerable. To remain intact, you need both; money and power. Money and power come with your post or position at the company, business, or sector you are working in.

2. Health crisis:

Putting an end to your daily schedule will attract health related problems. More than physical problems, there will be mental problems because your workplace is your ultimate place to skip the life issues and do what you do best.

Sometimes, in case of a physical problem, you have to put an end to come to the office, then go for reduced timings instead. This way, you will not be tensed up with the home scenario and will be in a better mental state.

3. “I cannot see an inflow of money in my account”:

Who does not love to have money? No wonder how rich you are, you will always have a weakness for money. But retirement put a stop to all the inflow. So the lesson here is if you are exhausted then go for a break. Come back with a fresh mind and kick start it. Who knows, this might help you in getting the double profits?

4. The oscillation between boredom and questions like, “what now?” :

After retirement, you have all the time in the world. One can measure the time by counting on their hair and conclude on it after a whole period of 5 or 6 months. With no worries and work to look forward to, the person becomes dull and starts aging faster.

Therefore it is good to keep working until the end. You got one life, why waste the last 10 or even 1 year by spending it in doing nothing? Embrace the time and talent you have got and keep rendering the services because the world needs it.

5. Chances are, now is not the time retire:

Yes, in some cases the people decide it quite early on when they need a retirement from work. But it is not how we thought it would be. Give it some more time, rely upon your skills, and work harder to step some more stairs to success. Maybe this is the moment when your career is about to take the right turn. Who knows this could be worth holding on to?

6. Non-existential social life:

Many among us socialize with our workmates, which makes it difficult to leave that place. In a scenario like this, the person has to comprehend with the ex-office mates and see if they are free to hang out or not. As a result of which, one has to eventually give up socializing and settle with some boring activity.

7. What if you have got more to offer? :

Human beings stay talented until their deaths. And giving up your work may be a waste of talent. Thus continue to render your services because there is nothing better than getting paid for the talent within.


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