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Teachers have been a source of inspiration for the students as teachers teach them the lessons of life, books, and humanity. All the people amongst us have some of the other quality of their favorite teacher.

Our gods are the inevitable example of the best teacher ever witnessed by the human ages. Gods have taught us many things in many different ways. The society built by humans is the example of the teachings imbibed from the teachings of our different gods. The karma, humanity, and all the good things are derived from the lessons taught by the almighty; otherwise, humans are too selfish to ponder upon the thought of good deeds and karma.

There is no doubt that a teacher has the power to change the entire world. As a proof of which can be taken the Chanakya and Chandra Gupta Maurya team. Chanakya decided to polish off the Dhannanada Empire and succeeded by training a ferocious and intelligent person. Their relationship later became the best example of teacher and student.

Unlike Chanakya, you need not go through the difficult lessons. As the times have changed, so have the techniques to teach. Can’t understand what is being talked?

Check out these software which helps the teacher to track the growth of the students and helps the teachers to stimulate the minds of students to get best at what interests them:

1. Grade keeper:

Keeping a record of scores, attendance, and all the other student relevant information is tedious to handle. But all this can be possible if each of these things is divided among the respectable departments. This has a con; the departments engrossed in this activity will charge up your pocket.  Instead, go for the software GRADE KEEPER, it only costs $20.

gradekeeper- worknrby

The features of this software are as follows:

a. Keeps a record of grades
b. Keeps a record of Attendance
c. Keeps track of assignments
d. Can send a progress report to the concerned party via email.

This software is dear to the teacher because it has all the things a teacher could ever ask for.

2. Quiz Faber:

Quizzes are the easiest way to test the student’s ability to catch up with the syllabus covered by you. Therefore to make it simpler than ever, a free software named Quiz Faber is made.

quiz faber- worknrby

This helps the teacher in creating Quizzes of many forms like:

a. True or False
b. Multiple Choice
c. Match the suitable option
d. Pick the odd one out etc.

This is free software which can be published on the internet or sent via email within a few clicks of fingers.

3. What 2 Learn:

There is no denying that kids love games. This is why What2Learn is designed to teach the kids through the medium of games.

This software allows the teacher to add interactive tests of vocabulary or basic questions.

what 2 learn - worknrby

Some of the kinds of tests one can design are hangman, word search, and multiple-choice questions. Once the game is ready, a URL is sent to the teacher. This URL can be sent to the students. This is free software.

4. Book Search:

In an era with enough flow of money in each of our pockets, yet we have always searched for the cheap way out. Keeping the budget problem and knowledge hunger in mind, software named Book Search is developed. This software enables you to search for all types of books. It doesn’t matter if the book you want is out or rare of print. It is a way to save money, as this free service lets you compare prices before you proceed to purchase.

5. Bingo Card Printer:

The software is free to use. This lets you customize the bingo cards. Right from one’s choice of size, color, font, and scheme, everything is possible to customize.

It is a great help as the teachers will not have to waste time with glue and cardboard. Download the trial version of the software for teachers. This will also provide a free demo.

6. Test Commander:

This is yet again an amazing test creating software. The best part about this is that it is available for free.

With the help of this software, you can create professional-looking tests. Publish the tests online or get a print out copies for the student. Most teachers use this to create tests and send the database to others.

Test Commander enables online publishing and automatic grading. Also, via this test results are sent directly to the concerned party.

7. Picasa:

The software developed by Google is an essential image editing tool. This allows you to edit the pictures you have stored in the PC, so you can use them on worksheets, flashcards, games, coloring pages, and all the other activities.

This software lets the teacher create albums to be shared with his student.


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