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Establishing equality at the workplace isn’t always concerned with equal pay or equal monetary incentives, here we need to take the conversation beyond gender, it’s about creating such a working environment that embraces diversity amongst all the employees in all aspects. We know that a work environment that doesn’t provide an opportunity to raise voice, respect, and equality in all spheres, will never be able to make optimum utilization of the resources. Thus, such an environment hampers the productivity of the organization because an unsatisfied employee will never dedicate his 100% towards the enterprise.

Just mere talking about equality of gender at the workplace will not work. We have to take an initiative on our own for the sake of the women employees’ empowerment. There is not a single field where women are not matching the targets that men set to attain. Therefore, women are equally capable of achieving anything on all grounds.

The time for change has come and the orthodox mentality should vanish from Indian society. Just think once, is there any better source of motivation than a workplace that provides equal rights of being heard and they can put their point of view ahead irrespective of the gender they possess.

Well, to make your vision clearer, the following are the points depicting the ways to establish more equality at the workplace:

Leadership needs to be linked to every organization’s culture

We all know that for every organization to become successful, teamwork is very important. Similarly, leadership is equally important for leading a team and achieving the organizational objectives. Leadership can be imparted to any person depending on the person’s skills. This, not any help in the attainment of enterprise goals, but also ensures efficiency and effectiveness in every task.

An efficient hiring framework for promoting gender equality

The most important aspect we should consider regarding gender equality is the recruitment process. The gender parity at the workplace firstly begins with the efficient hiring of the workforce irrespective of gender. When hiring is done with parity, it promotes equality in the existing work culture of the organization as well.

Gender pay gap needed to be addressed

This is the most concerned issue nowadays. The gender pay gap makes the women employees feel alienated in the organization. They feel inferior to male employees. This will suppress their talents and working capability as well. Therefore, it will affect the organization adversely. So, there should be parity in pay as well.

Flexibility in the workplace for women upliftment in all aspects

Equality means every person should be treated equally. It implies that the situation of every employee has to be taken into consideration i.e, being flexible. For example, if any employee is late due to some urgency, it should be treated with flexibility irrespective of the gender of the employee.

Equality in parental leaves improving gender equality

It doesn’t matter if a male or female employee is asking for parental leave; if there’s any urgency for the employee to meet his/her parental obligations, then equal parental leaves should be imparted to the employee irrespective of the gender of the employee. This will make the employee feel optimistic towards the company and he/she will dedicatedly work putting more into what they do.

Equal management training programmes for all the managers

We know that in every big company there is a number of managers constituting both males and females. Often, various management programmes are organized, some for male employees and some for female employees. In my opinion, all the managers should be imparted with the same training sessions irrespective of their gender.

Things should be equal not the same

When we talk about gender equality we mean equal things, not same. Things should be equal, but not the same. Suppose if one employee comes late because he/she has to get their kids ready for school, here the employee can select the late timing slot as per his/her convenience. Here, other employees can manage to come in the first time slot, it implies equal treatment not same treatment. 

So, this way we can improve gender equality in organization culture. However, we should keep one thing in mind that mere discussions will not help in this context, if you actually want to see a positive change, you yourself have to get involved in this revolution. In my opinion, women have touched sky heights in today’s era. So, boosting their talents up will definitely make our country go high and high. Hope this article met your reading desires. Feel free to share your feedback.


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