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“It’s not the disability but the environment, which is dis-enabling”

Hari Raghavan is a specialist in banking and financial services and aids his services to the businesses in Mumbai with technological solutions. Raghavan is a typical IT guy who works 6 days a week, eight hours a day and is compassionate about his work and his fellow employees. The only thing that sets him apart is that he is differently abled.

Raghavan is a reflection of a growing trend in our country- of companies being open to hiring people with disabilities. In a talent-starved country, like ours, it is really important that companies broaden their approach to this untapped talent pool that is sure to benefit them in ways more than one.

Never thought of this, this way? Let me pen down a few reasons as to why you should probably rethink your hiring process and make way for physically challenged people in your company:

Financial Benefits:

I start with financial benefits because this is something that grabs your attention the most as an employer. Most countries have a policy to provide substantial amounts of benefits and tax rebates to employers who employ PWDs. In most cases, the government also pays the wages of the PWD, if the person isn’t able to deliver due to illness.

Self Motivated:

PWDs are self-motivated and enjoy this motivation to improvise on their work. The underlying reason is that they have worked hard to get into this. This keeps them happy about having something substantial. This also keeps them away from the feeling of being disabled.

Diverse approach:

Physically disabled people are very structured and figure out practical ways of doing their job. The amount of limitations they have experienced in their lives leads them to find a different approach to doing the same job.

Unmatched skill:

True in some cases, false in others but PWDs are often very skilled at what they do. They have had a sense of how discriminated they have been. As a result, they often spend time building skills that they are good at.

New Insights:

Unlike others, PWDs have an insight to share about life experiences that enrich the other employees and play a pivotal role in changing the notions of the society that disabled people are unable and unwilling to do work.

Loyal workforce:

PWDs appreciate their employer for providing them with an opportunity for respectable living. Thus have a higher retention rate than their abled counterparts.

Efficient workforce:

This is a misconception that disabled people are slow and not as efficient as their abled counterparts. Most disabled have a clear understanding of their disabilities. They figure out ways around to be as efficient as possible.

Better each day:

I’d repeat here that PWDs have really worked hard around the harsh environments to reach their goals. This makes them internally appreciative of that they have earned and they respect it like none others would. They tend to improvise on their skill and efficiency on a daily basis. This is beneficial to the company without putting in any extra efforts.

Brand Promotions:

Hiring disabled people will give your brand a boost that will not only bring in great profits but also build a brand image of being a good company.

Case Studies:

Several case studies prove that disabled people bring unique skills to the workplace and have an uplifting effect on employees.

No Rocket science:

It is not rocket science and most PWDs will easily take care of the job considering they have the education to back it up.

Social responsibility:

It is your responsibility to give some of what you take, back to the society. Employing disabled people enables you to do your part to society.

If the above didn’t convince you, consider this: any disabled will have survived various discriminations, health issues, life challenges, lack of opportunities and a tough road to your door. So you should not probably hire someone because they are disabled, but because the individual has the talent scale you need. Disabled people have developed the “BIG 5 personality traits” as of necessity to live as a disabled in this society and should, therefore, be your preferred choice for hiring.


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