The Growth Prospects of the Education Industry in India

Since the inception of the world and economy, the education factor has been considered as one of the most important factors responsible for the economical development of a country. India has gradually improved the education mechanism and has been fostering to improve the literacy rate since its early days of the development process. Also, the Indian government is quite active in making the country’s education system better.

There are three major factors serving as a barometer for measuring educational achievement in the nation.

  • Adult literacy rate

  • Primary education rate

  • Nation’s youth literacy rate

However, looking at the current scenario, the literacy rate for the year 2019 was approximately 69% and it is quite low than the average world literacy rate. There are several problems in the Indian education system so far, and this is the reason, the country is not capable of attaining the average literacy benchmark. Let’s see some of them:

Lack of awareness among people about the importance of education

This is the major issue that our country is facing for long. Even if there is the availability of good infrastructure and faculty at the same time, people are not aware of the same. They are not familiar with the importance of education in one’s life. However, the situation is improving, but still, there are several parts of the country who are not aware of it yet.

The issue of gender biases

There are many places in India, where people are of orthodox mentality and they believe that girls are made for household chores and education is seen as the manly stuff. This mentality has to be eradicated so that the opportunity could be served equally for both girls as well as boys.

Lack of rural access

People of urban areas have easy access to all the education facilities but people in rural areas do not have the same access. This is the reason, rural people remain backward in the context of education. However, the government is bringing this issue in light and therefore, working to provide easy access in rural areas as well. But, the effective results can’t be seen yet.

The percent of expenditure on education is low

Also, the percentage of expenditure done on education is quite low comparing to the expenditure done in other sectors. The expenditure has to be increased for improving and expanding the educational facilities to the maximum areas possible.

The growth prospects of the education sector in India

But, if we see the efforts our government and the education ministry are putting at present, the education sector will no doubt improve gradually. If a country’s education foundation is strong, it can withstand any kind of global competition. Let’s see the growth prospects of the education industry in India:

Education for all eliminating gender biasness

The first and most important achievement in the education sector will be the elimination of all types of gender discrimination and providing education to all. Every person possesses some calibre irrespective of gender and this is why the opportunities offered should be equal to all.

Access to the remote areas

The other important prospect is to impart the best educational facilities to the remote areas where there is a lack of schools and colleges. The government needs to build more and more schools and colleges with the best faculty to polish talented students so far.

Better education infrastructure

The mere creation of educational facilities isn’t enough, there is an equal requirement of better infrastructural facilities too. For that, the government should foster more on infrastructure apart from education facilities as both of these go hand in hand.

More divergent approach in the industry

Well, the courses that are offered in our recognized university are good, but with the dynamic economic environment, there are several new courses that should be added to the current education curriculum. It will improve the education quality of the country and also will encourage a divergent approach.

Quality education and qualified faculty

Just education is not enough, its quality is equally important. And, the quality of education will be good when the faculty is good. Therefore, the other important growth prospect is the creation of quality education and quality faculty.

However, apart from the above-mentioned prospects that we’re looking forward to, there are several other benchmarks as well; attaining a high growth rate in the context of education is one such benchmark. Now, it’s not only the duty of the government to contribute, but we can also do it by contributing and educating the people by using the knowledge we have. Hope this article met your reading desires. Feel free to share your feedback. 



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