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The world is changing so drastically and so is the way things go. Gradually, work culture is also changing all over the world. One such emerging change is the increasing trend of work from home that is being followed in many countries worldwide.

A survey has revealed that people feel happier when they work in their comfort zone and there can be no other place than the home that feels ideal for working. Well, most of the employers think about work from home in two different ways. One group of employers thinks that the concept of work from home will hamper the productivity of employees. However, on the other hand, the other group of employers thinks that working from will make the employees more productive and their efficiency will definitely get enhanced. 

Recent studies have revealed that if work from home is followed honestly in the right way, it will surely increase the productivity of the employee and will also help in reducing the stress that usually occurs when a person works for never-ending hours in the office.

Benefits to Employers

Well, if we understand the concept of work from home properly, then we’ll see that, there are several benefits to the employers as well. Let’s see some of them:

Helps in reducing the overhead cost of the company

When employees will work from home, the organization will have to pay fewer bills. Also, the cost of snacks, tea and coffee will be saved. The employer need not spend on basic office necessities as the employees are working in their houses only. This will help in the reduction of the overhead cost of the company.

Reduction in employee turnover

When employees will work in their comfort zones, their desire to switch to the company will effectively reduce. Consequently, employee turnover will get reduced captivating organizational growth.

More happy and satisfied employees

Working at home and getting paid is all that a person wants. So, when the employer favors the concept of work from home, it will make the employees more satisfied and happier. And, a satisfied employee will always devote his best.

An effective decrease in office politics

When the employees will not gather in the office premises, there will be no communication and no grouping at all. This way, the work will not hamper and also there will be a decrease in office politics.

Enhanced morale will accelerate productivity

The morale of a satisfied employee is always enhanced and therefore, it will ultimately affect the productivity of the employee in a positive way. So, working from home enhances the morale of the employees and thereby, accelerates productivity.

Benefits to the employees

As employers enjoy several benefits if they opt for work from home concept, in the same way, employees also enjoy numerous key benefits. Some of them are as follows:

Flexible work schedule

The employee can manage the complete work schedule with flexible working hours. When a person works from home, he can set the work schedule as per his convenience and this way tasks will be completed at the fullest comfort of the employee.

Wear what you want

This is the best thing about work from home. You don’t need to wear office clothes for work, you can instead work in your cozy outfit. This makes most of the employees feel comfortable and more focused on their work.

No office chaos

When employees work from home, there will be no office gossiping, no back-bitching and, no grouping at all. It implies that the work will be accomplished with no office chaos at all. This will, however, ignites the productivity of the employee as well.

No fuel expenses

The employee need not suffer the traffic and long routes to reach the office. It has two benefits. One, the energy of the employee will be restored as he need not travel at all. Second, no fuel expenses will be there.

Custom working environment

When you work from home, you set the working environment as per your convenience. So, this way, the employee can set a customized working environment and work peacefully.

So, if taken in the right way and implementing rightly, work from home is beneficial for both employees as well as employers. Hope this article met your reading desires. Feel free to share your feedback.


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