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In today’s work culture, every scenario right from discrimination and inequality at the workplace is discussed openly. However, there are still many concerns left undiscussed and the issue of class difference is one of them. To understand it well, ask yourself just two questions:

  • How is your office guard or office boy greeted? Do you greet them in the morning when you arrive in your office?
  • Do you feel the same formal connection with your superior as you feel with your colleagues working with you at the same level?

The situations mentioned above perfectly describes the scenario of the general class difference that prevails in almost every workplace. Apart from these examples, you should have often seen differences on the basis of the type of clothes a person wears, his likes/ dislikes, how a person talks and his language, etc, these all constitute a form of class difference. Also, sometimes female employees become the target of such a criticism directly or indirectly in respect of her looks or her clothing style or it can be anything.  Well, these kinds of issues are generally left undiscussed but it does possess a strong impact on the emotional and psychological health of the employee who is suffering from this situation.

We as a general audience are not in favor of such an undesirable behavior but still, we’re either directly or indirectly participating in such a wrongful activity. However, office politics is also a part of this concern.

Treating or addressing a person in an undesirable way can have multiple negative impacts like:

  • The employee feels as if he/she is from a backward class and can’t match the standard of the others.
  • Emotional sentiments get hurt lowering the morale
  • The feeling of being suppressed under the manager
  • Feeling low because of bad communication skills
  • No appreciation due to office politics
  • Suffering from biased judgments
  • Back bitching and gossipping

Ways to overcome the problem of class difference

However, like global warming cannot come to an end, but it can be controlled, in the same such issues can’t be fully vanished, but yes, the person who is suffering can do something for his own betterment. Also, the people who are involved in this, need to change the story as you never know when you become the victim.

Initiate the first step on your own

The world will not change by just chattering the dialects. To change the scenario, you have to take initiative on your own first. Because, when you’ll show your concern about it, then ultimately others will get influenced and they will look into it anyway. This will somehow help in making the situation better.

Conduct a regular townhall for discussing such issues

Gathering together frequently by conducting a townhall and openly discussing such issues will make the workforce more open to this concern. This will bring more transparency in what is happening in the informal networks of the organization, thereby, it will help in treating the scenario well.

Develop a company policy that strictly prohibits such acts

In my opinion, every organization should have a strict company policy that prohibits such an act in the organization and also, the employees must be familiar with the consequences as we

Direct the superiors and managers as well

Providing guidelines to the junior level isn’t enough. The same rules and framework should be applicable to all the superiors and managers as well. This will create a sense of equality and fairness in the organization.

Treat everyone with equal respect and dignity

It doesn’t matter if the person working in the organization is the manager or just a cook, equal dignity and respect should be given to everyone. The same level of appreciation should be awarded to every single employee irrespective of the caste, gender, religion or anything.

In this way, the issue of class difference can be resolved to some extent, however, to completely eradicate it, you yourself should become active in this context and talk openly wherever you find such a situation. Hope this article met your reading desires. Feel free to share your feedback.


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