With the enormous technological advancements that have been taking place in the last 20 years, the issue of gender discrimination at the workplace is becoming the topic of great concern. According to a recently conducted survey, 42% of female respondents said they’re suffering from managerial bias, mostly at senior levels. In the same survey, 33% of the female respondents stated there exists different performance standards for male and female employees and separate grounds to judge the workforce. The research analysis concluded that such kind of discrimination on the ground of sex or gender adversely affects the overall performance and growth of the women in the workplace. 

Let’s talk about it in a more literal way. You’d have heard the term sex segregation. It implies separating the people physically, culturally, legally, and professionally on the ground of their biological sex. Basically, this concept was initially introduced by Gross (1968). However, the practice of gender bias on the basis of sex at the workplace has not only lowered the morale of women in the society, but it has also underestimated their talents and working calibre of female employees.

Well, talking about gender discrimination in the workplace, the level of sex segregation depends on the following major three factors:

  • The fineness of occupational distinctions

  • The size of the occupation

  • Sex composition of the labor force

So, despite several benefits, women still face discrimination in the workplace, especially when it comes to pay. In recent research conducted in the U.S, it was found that women approximately earned 82% of what men earned in that respective year. Well, there are several reasons why women face underestimation at the workplace. Some of them are as follows:

1. Ineffective implementation of government policies

No doubt, our government is trying to equalize the women in every sphere of professionalism; still, the policies framed in this context are not implemented in the direction they’re planned to be put in. Thus, it all hinders the growth of women and results in a professional gap in 

2. Lesser number of women in leadership roles

This is one of the major reasons for the underestimation of women. Depriving the women of opportunities at the professional level is very disappointing. Adding on, in a recent survey, 16% of the female respondents reported that there are no women in the top-level management on the board. Such surveys reveal the actual preference women are given in professional criteria.

3. Lack of awareness about gender diversity

The presence of gender diversity in the work culture often yields positive results for both employees as well as the company. But, the present work culture prevailing lacks the awareness about the benefits that gender diversity in the workplace brings.

4. Male-dominated industries are more in number

Well, the most common reason for women’s underestimation in the workplace is the presence of more male-dominated industries in the market. Such a market situation suppresses women’s professional as well as personal growth.

5. Society’s perspective of looking women as less capable

From past centuries, women have always been looked at the perspective of being less capable than men. This point of view, in my opinion, is very naive. Deciding one’s ability just on the ground of one’s gender is quite absurd, and such an outlook has to be changed now.

6. Male candidates are given more priority 

Just like a boy child is given more importance in a family, in the same way, male candidates enjoy priority over women candidates in the professional fields as well. Such kind of behavior not only lowers women’s morale but also deprives our country of capable talents.

Well, in my opinion, we’re living in the 21st century, and the matter is about women’s empowerment. Just talking about it and letting it go will not work. We’ve to take the initiative on our own first. Leaving behind the orthodox perspective about women will help. Secondly, a healthy practice starts with our home only. We should teach our kids about gender equality since childhood, which will build their perspective for looking at things in that way only. 

Talking about the workplace, a sense of equality should be introduced at all levels, especially at the senior level. Women should be given equal opportunity to participate in business affairs as male employees get. Most importantly, they must be offered equal payscale and should be considered equally capable as men. Hope this article met your reading desires. Feel free to share your feedback.


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