The concept of Worknrby is dependent upon the vacant jobs or employees nearby. Unlike existing job portals, Worknrby aims to connect the need and availability with the help of features like nearby jobs or people, free registration, no time restriction, zero scam chances, etc;

For now, Worknrby is available for the people living in Jaipur or who are willing to up-down daily for employment reason in Jaipur.

This platform is secure and promises to keep the information of both; employer and job seeker confidential.

Furthermore below are some of the reasons why Worknrby stands out of the crowd and is worth a shot:

1. For Jobseekers:

a. Find the vacant job nearby. Some benefits of finding a job near you are as follows:

·   You will save transportation cost.

·   You will save time to reach the office.

·   Safer to reach home as your place is near.

·   Can stay in office till late night and complete your work without worrying about your way to home.

b. No requirement to upload cv and description:

Some of the portals are seen asking for a resume. Whereas Worknrby will assist you in preparing the Worknrby CV. This will be easy to make and understand.

Instead of old techniques like uploading 2 3 page CV, make a CV with all the information which is considered important from an employer’s point of view.

c.  No exchange of cell numbers:

Even after seeking the help of the virtual assistant, the job portals ask for mobile numbers and then pass it on to people who are not even relevant. Keeping the customers’ comfort in mind, Worknrby keeps the cell number of an employee private.

d. The job seeker in charge:

To genuinely help the job seeker in finding a job, Worknrby has transferred the authority of reaching out first to the person searching for a job. This has been implemented to make the process efficient and faster.

Instead of relying upon the recruiting party, job seekers can now apply for jobs which fall under their criteria.

2.  For recruiting party:

a. Find candidates near you:

Employing staff members, who reside near the office, can turn out to be the major blessing for the manager or CEO. Following are the reasons to support the statement:· Such people will take less time to reach the office. Thus, punctuality will be syringed in them. Also, the lesser energy is taken to reach office, more the productivity.

·   These people will be comfortable with late or night shifts.

·   The recruiter does not have to worry about the parking space.

b. Judge the person according to the skill stars he has given to himself:

This particular feature is the best of all. As this will give an idea of the kind of service a person is willing to offer or if the person fits in the requirement.

Through this one can easily figure out if the person to be trained for their kind of work or if the skill set is too high for them to afford.

c. Recruit quality:

Worknrby might not display the job seeker’s all the personal details but it surely crosses checks each filled blank. Through this checking, they get hold of spams and these spams will not be able to apply for jobs posted by people. Therefore all the requests sent recruiters way are from real people and they are genuinely interested to know more about your offer.


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