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A rapid change in technology is a major cause behind the increased inflow of smartphones. The current scenario states that a smartphone launched yesterday will be an old piece of work within the coming 3 months. So the question arises, how to get your hands upon a smartphone which is not easily replaceable and is worth the price tag?

Don’t worry, the list of things mentioned have got you covered:

1. Display:

The best mobile is which has a clear display when used outdoors. Hence don’t settle for a smartphone resolution under 1920 x 1080 pixels and the best resolution, go for one with 2560 x 1440 Quad HD.

Once you have chosen the sharpness of the screen, it is now time to choose screen size. Screen size differs as per each person. Your motive to use may be different from others’, so always go with the screen size which suits you the best. Some people like their screen big but some like it small. It is all dependent upon the kind of work performed out by the smartphone.

2. Battery:

Even if you are not buying the cell online, browse the cell model and go through the reviews presented by customers or bloggers. If the reviews on websites and blogs are not helpful then go to the store and learn about the device in person.

If you need a cell phone all day and you are going to use it to perform battery wrenching tasks then go for the cell phones which comes with a high power charger. In Android, almost all the brands are providing super-fast charging speed but when going for apple, you should make an additional purchase of an iPad charger because it is more powerful than an iPhone charger.

3. Storage:

This is the particular field where most among us settle down at the least. There is no problem in settling for less but one should know that it carries consequences like slow processing and storage problem. Therefore it is recommended to go for at least 64GB of storage. This will facilitate the smartphone to store movies, pictures, music, different apps and all. For additional storage in Android, one can always add a memory card.

4. Camera:

This is not a point worth considering until you travel a lot or you have a kick for photography. But in case you don’t fit neither of the two categories mentioned above yet wants the best camera phone then try iPhone XR. Apple has always been known for providing the best camera phone yet again it is on number 1 when it comes to the best camera phone 2019.

5. Company’s Goodwill:

With the increase in competition, there are so many brands which provide cheap and poor services. Don’t get swayed away by the cheap prices of smartphones instead go for the ones which are manufactured by trusted brands.

6. Cost reasonability:

Combine all the features and company’s goodwill and see if they make the price tag. If yes then you know it is right for you but if no then switch the product with more reliable features and suitable cost.


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