While B“TikTok time is up”, the clock said- worknrbyill gates said,

Tik Tok- a well-known platform used for delivering lip-synced videos.

Yeah, that’s it. Nothing more matters because Indians and people all over the world have made lip-syncing the foremost point of concern.

In India- Cheaper internet and an enormous smartphone market made it possible for the illiterate section to explore social media platforms. Without having been aware of the consequences of constant exploration of social media platforms, (especially of Tik Tok and Vigo) the illiterate section of India has started executing its downfall.

A few months back a case was filed against Tik Tok India. Some people were sure that it will put an end to Tik Tok in India but unfortunately, nothing much happened.

While Bill gates said, “India has the potential for rapid economic growth” the Indian Tik Tok users begged to differ by putting out 1.5 million Tik Tok downloads in the face of development.

We cannot say if it is the application or the users, but somewhere something is happening and that is not a sign of development or growth in any aspect.

To understand better, here are 5 reasons why Indians need to demolish the Tik Tok Empire:

1. Wastage of Time and energy:

The foremost reason to ban Tik Tok is that it leads to wastage of time and energy.

An avid reader takes 3 to 4 days to finish a book whereas a normal person takes a week to complete a book. If a week’s worth of time is given in reading a book instead of making videos on Tik Tok, then it will not only be an efficient use of time but it will also enhance the person’s knowledge.

If you are a Tik Tok user then try this out, you never know it may be more interesting than all the efforts you put in to make that 10-second video.

2. Illiterate busy digging their grave:

While the Indian government is trying its best to enhance the conditions of illiterate and economic backward sections of India, most of them are too busy with Tik Tok watching and video making.

The Tik Tok, Like, Vigo craze is the result of the rapid fall in the price of smartphones and the availability of cheap internet. Neither of these can be controlled but a ban on Tik Tok and other apps will surely stop the illiterate from wasting their time.

If ever the ban comes in play, the schemes run by the government for uplifting the conditions of the poor will start showing their positive affect.

3. Lost Productivity:

Tik Tok users take at least 2 3 days of thinking which song to sync next. Another 2 3 days are invested in shooting the video. Approximately 6 days of work for shooting a 10-second video.

India would have been somewhere far if these 1.5 million Tik Tok users engaged in something productive.

This is a way to divert India’s citizens and they are falling for it. When a person should be taking care of their career or studies, they indulge in making videos. This could not have been more productive (That was sarcasm dear Tik Tok users).

4. This is not talent:

People with millions of followers are treated as stars because they sync their lips like none of the Bollywood or Hollywood stars.

Well, if you think you can act then better join real drama classes. And if you cannot afford drama classes then generate your content- your voice and act.

A 10-second constant (glycerin) crying video is everything but an act or talent.

5. Teen in danger:

What happens when the adults are seen making stunt videos? The teen gets influenced to make some of their own.

There have been cases where the person was making a video and ended up dead.

Case 1: Bombay Local Train:

A guy in his early 20s was recording his stunts on a moving train. Amidst the making of the video, the guy slipped from the train and ended up dead.

Case 2: Triggered own head:

The guy was posing with a gun on his temple. Without knowing that it has bullets, he pulled the trigger on himself and died on the spot.

It is not wrong to use the app but exploiting it and sending out an ill message is dangerous for everyone; whether a citizen of India or not. Hence, understand and focus on the real means of success. The fame earned from Tik Tok can never lead you to places where talent is needed.


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