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Goodbyes are difficult, especially when you are bidding your workplace. And to make it easy for you, we have got hold of these apt and concise goodbye samples which will save you time and energy and also, will save you from the emotion embarrassment. Check these out:

1. For colleagues:

Hi All,

As you are already aware, today is my last day of work at (company name).

More than excited to start the new chapter of my career, I feel misery down my spine as I sit to write a goodbye to you all.

I will be forever in debt of the support and guidance showered upon me. There is no doubt about how this company managed to provide more than what I deserved. Working on projects with a team like ours was nothing less than a blessing. Our accomplishments and shared smiles are the memory worth of life.

But I guess, I accomplished my purpose here and it will be in best of my favor to move forward and find a way through the next chapter of life. Since our achievements were too big to settle for a company in a non-metropolitan city like ours, I will move to Delhi next week.

However, I hope to stay in touch. I am either a mail (your email address) or a call (your number) away. Thank you to each one of you for making this worth putting up with. My wishes are always with you guys. See you all soon.

Thanks and regards,

(your name)


  • To the one co-worker who held you through thick and thin:

Dear (name of the person),

As you are already aware that today is my last day at work. I have been working here for 2 years for now and it was not worthy until you joined. I enjoyed working with you. Together we achieved heights which were mere of a dream for each of us. I could not have emerged victorious without you. Your generosity is too expensive to be kept in the box of memories with the people from the office.

I will try to keep in touch. Just so you know, you can always count upon me in time of need. Reach me via mail (your email address) or call me (your number)


(your name)

2. For boss:

Hello Sir/Ma’am,

With a heavy heart, I am bidding you. This indeed is one of the most difficult decisions I had to take but I guess it is worth it. As I believe 2 years (or the number of years you have worked for the organization) are enough to seek guidance, help and work with new mates. This is the perfect time for me to seek work experience in another venture.

Without a doubt, you have always been a person to learn from. Right from learning how to balance family and work to face complicated tasks, you have always been my mentor and go-to person. I promise to carry all the traits taught by you and make you proud wherever I go.

Genuinely hoping to stay in touch with you no matter wherever on earth I go. I will be more than happy to learn about you, stay connected via skype (your skype id), WhatsApp (your number) or you can try calling me on the WhatsApp number. I can’t wrap my gratitude in words. You will always be remembered for funnily teaching the hardships. I hope I have made you proud. Best wishes to you and our company.

Best regards,

(your name)

3. For the client:

Hello (client name),

This mail is to inform you that I am leaving the office and this email address will no longer be valid to assist you through the problems and queries. Also, as I am leaving the office, it will be great of you to delete my number from assistance.

(number of years)  years of client and coordinator bond is not worth forgetting. I have learned a lot of things due to the questions thrown by you. And I have always strived to provide the best possible solution.

Hope the person who fills up my seat can understand you and provide a solution worth syncing with your problems. In case there arises work or help worth of my assistance, then you can reach me via Instagram (Your id) or Facebook (Your id link). Take care.


(your name)


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