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Virtual Private Network can protect your data from getting exfoliated while using public internet medium. Though some people use it at home too because there is no place other than your smartphone where your data is safe. Stressing further on VPN, here is a list of 7 VPNs that are too good to not give a shot:

1. Hot Shield Free VPN: An elite version of hotspot

hotspotshield- Worknrby


  • Easy to use
  • Security-focused
  • 500 MB daily data allowance


  • Performance might get affected
  • Not easy to setup

2. Tunnel Bear: For protecting your identity

tunnel bear- Worknrby


  • Super user-friendly
  • Serves smartphone as well as system users


  • One cannot explore or doesn’t have options in settings
  • Provides super low data limit

3. Speedify: Provides a speedy and secure connection

speedify- Worknrby


  • Nifty performance boosting tech
  • Mind-blowing privacy setup


  • Does not have high-level controls
  • User cannot access Netflix if this software is being used.

4. ProtonVPN Free: Does not limit the use of data

proton vpn- Worknrby


  • No limit on the use of data every month
  • Meets the super secured standards


  • Limited to one device
  • Users are restricted from going beyond 3 locations

5. SurfEasy (powered by opera): Enables you to switch the browsers

surfeasy- Worknrby


  • Allows 5 devices simultaneously
  • User-friendly Client


  • Limited to 500 MB per day
  • Performance deteriorates with an increase in distance

6. PrivateTunnel VPN: Keeps the data safe and secured on PC or smartphone

PrivateTunnel VPN


  • Wide range of clients
  • Handy for all the age groups


  • Location option is limited
  • The output might not match one’s expectations but it doesn’t happen frequently

7. You can activate hiding mode. This is both; free and paid service

hide me- Worknrby


  • Known for the privacy: Provides the best privacy standards
  • Does not let Ads or other things hinder the speed


  • Extremely limited to one device only
  • Let’s you chose among 3 locations only


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