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The fuss becomes a reality when everyone starts asking “what are you going to do after this?” and you stand there in utter statue poster staring in the face of the wall with your mind going as blank as a white paper. Do not worry; this article has got you covered.

Know this; instead of a job-hunting after graduation, one should search and apply for jobs during the graduation, this will help you save time and energy and will also make it easier for you to start your career soon after graduation. As we all are aware the market always demands an experienced candidate, but being in the graduating year you are termed as a fresher or a newcomer, which makes it more difficult to have an opportunity to lay your hands on any job at all.

The foremost advice you need to follow is to participate in as many events as possible during the college years. Participating in one event will lead to participation in more and more similar activities, which will give you a brief explanation about the future in the concerned field. This will help you in deciding your career path.

For example: if you volunteered in a public relations team then it will teach you all the tack ticks one can use in business. The same goes for marketing volunteers; if you want to do business after graduation then you should learn the basics of business by being the different part teams in the college fest. But what if you have enough experience but do not know how to combine it in a way the person judging your letter is impressed enough to call you for the interview? Do not sweat; here we have got 11 tricks to make an outstanding resume:

1. Analyze templates and successful resumes:

To master the game of resume writing you need to learn from people who have been doing it for a long time. Exploit the internet to catch some successful resumes. Find resumes concerned with your field of interest, read these resumes, know what mutual achievement or experience is and then create your own resume.

2. Choose a resume type:

For a resume to look outstanding and best out of all the resumes sent to the human resource manager, you need to select a proper format of the resume, then prepare and write down your achievement and strengths as per the format.

The available formats are chronological, functional, combination and targeted.

3. Simple fonts are the new classic:

The font type used in writing and creating the resume must be easy to read and understand. For all the style and trend fans, your resume is not a platform where you display creativity. Instead, it is recommended to use a font type which is easy to read and understand. If you think creativity can lead to a positive impact then you better not go with the idea. Most recommended font type is Times New Roman.

4. Consistency is the key:

If you do not follow the same pattern throughout the resume then it becomes hard for a manager to figure out your aim and objective for the resume. For example, if you are using numbers to point out the achievements then make sure to use  numbers while listing out your experiences, or qualities, etc.;

5. Add contact information:

Be sure to highlight your contact information so that if you are selected for the work, they can easily ring up or mail you regarding it. If not cell number, always make sure to provide your mail address, as it is the more professional and easy way to communicate.

6. Attach a profile:

It is good to provide a social media profile. This helps the recruiter in understanding you more and better. Your social media handle tells everything about your nature. And as on large basis we know, 1 hour worth of an interview cannot define him/her therefore by going through social profiles, the recruiting committee can decide if you are the type of person they have been searching for.

7. Write down the relevant accomplishments first:

You should prioritize the content of the resume; through this, you will know the important and relevant achievements. For the better, you can briefly quantify each accomplishment.

8. Adapt job description keywords:

Write the keywords in the resume which were used in the job description. By doing this you will match the job description and your curriculum vitae will appear on top; this way recruiter or manager will be able to see your letter first.

9. Think outside the box:

There are no perfect curriculum vitae till yet but you can adapt certain steps to make your cv stand apart from the crowd. Follow these tricks:

  • If possible keep it short and precise. Maximum two pages are enough to give brief about your work and you.
  • Highlight the relevant and important accomplishments. This makes it easier to get an idea about the kind of services you have offered and how hard working you have been in the past.
  • Add a personal touch. If you are a designer, then you can use some unique layout or design the layout; this shows your creativity.

10. Build a custom resume before applying for a job:

Writing it every time you apply for a job can be energy and time consuming but it is worth all the efforts. Change the resume as per the expectations of the company. You need to have everything the company wants in their candidates therefore; you need to have a resume they are interested in.

11. Send resumes with the correct attachments:

If you are sending a resume via mail or social media, you need to follow the employer’s instructions on how to submit it. Mostly, word or pdf is preferred format but if the employer has a different instruction then make sure to follow it.


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