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Facebook is the most popular social media platform. Out of the total population of 7.7 billion, the social platform is estimated to be accessed by 2.7 Billion people. Facebook is known to make the highest profit after it added Instagram on its team.

Facebook is not really about establishments, and the heights it is achieving. There is a dark side of Facebook that might be responsible for stealing your data. The data is not limited to what you have posted on your Facebook handle but also the data that can be fetched via the number or email address that you have added as your validity proof.

Apart from these, Facebook has some more ways of fetching your information. This ad cum social networking website knows your mind better than you just by following the check-ins, the tags and mentioning the friends in different pictures.

Although Facebook has completely denied these allegations, the question arises that how can Facebook present advertisements of all those things which were previously searched on the browser?

If you do not believe this, then visit online shopping stores and then log in to Facebook; after scrolling for few minutes you will come across the same store ads, or the ads will have the item as you were searching for.

Put this together, and you will realize how dreadful the whole scenario is.

To this, some people said that deactivating or permanent deletion can save you. And it is not valid. Facebook has the information about you and even if you delete the account permanently then all it would do is, put an end to further addition of information but cannot erase the information shared.

Save yourself from getting trapped by Facebook by implying the following these 4 tricks:

1. Pay attention to ads:

If you do not want Facebook to access your data, then you will have to amend the Ad settings because they are default settings in favor of Facebook saying that it will make your search easy which is not at all true in any sense.

How to change the advertisement settings: (in-app view)

  • Log In to your account > Click on the top right-most list like button > Go to settings > Click on Ads > Choose your Ad preferences > Click on to Ad settings

  • Search for Ads based on data from partners > If you want to Opt-out then choose to opt-out of seeing the ads based on the data from companies that partner with Facebook

For example, if you don’t opt-out, then Facebook will show them ads relevant to your search, which can be any website or portal matching your search.

Yet Facebook will not give up here and will continue to show ads based on Facebook likes, visited profiles or pictures, friends and your gender and age.

2. Limit the third party access:

The third party is more dangerous than advertisements. These websites tend to collect your data and exploit it for their benefit. The way to stop this from happening is by undergoing the following changes in settings:

Open Settings > Click on Apps and websites; at the top of the web page, you will see a list of all apps and websites that were logged in through Facebook account. You can remove the third party app or limit the information to these apps.

3. Keep a track on your tracks:

GPS has revolutionized the whole era of technology. This tool is exploited by hackers to gain money for the exchange of data acquired with the help of one’s tracks on GPS.

There is a fair chance that Facebook is not far from this technique to gain a handful of information. Thus restrain it by blocking the location services/GPS.

It is also advised to avoid sharing the check-in on Facebook. As it is an expert in understanding a person based on the types of places he visits hence ignore updating the pictures with the location mentioned or check-in.

4. Avoid additional services:

Facebook is a proud parent to Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Imagine if Facebook alone could be so destructive then how worse has been going down with WhatsApp, Instagram like apps under its command?

Until and unless it is an information that cannot lead to any sort of bad impacts then go ahead with sharing that but if the case is as mentioned, then try keeping your private on Instagram.

One should watch out on the kind of information he shares via these portals for the boss is always Facebook.


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